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Dance Academy USA Reviews

What a Great Place!!

What a great place!! My daughter loves going to her classes here. The staff is all so friendly and the studio is so clean. I love that they have so many classes available for the little ones to take. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a Dance school.

Martha R.

I Really Appreciate How Dedicated the Whole DAU Team Is

My daughter has been attending DAU for the last 3 years and she loves it. She takes Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Ballet. Her dance instructors have all been professional and fun…not to mention really talented in their own right.

She is also a member of the DAU Performance Team. This team allows students to get a chance to perform more at places like Great America and the Los Gatos Children’s Holiday Parade, but is not as demanding as their Competition Team. Ms. Denise and Ms. Aimee are really committed to the team, and I can see that they really enjoy working with the students.

I really appreciate how dedicated the whole DAU team is to giving kids a solid dance foundation, building confidence, and providing them with a lifelong love of dance.

Why only 4 stars? Because I hardly ever give anyone 5 stars for anything…I’m a stickler that way. 4 stars from me means 4 thumbs up!!

My only complaint, and it is not really a complaint, is that things can get crazy around recital time…but with the number of students and classes I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be. DAU does a really good job at organizing chaos and my hat is off to them for making it work.

Trisha V.

Great Studio for Adults and Kids Alike

Great studio for adults and kids alike. Good selection of different styles of dance, and opportunity to do production company or competitive dance.

Bunny C.

Good Dance School

My daughter has taken various classes at the Dance Academy since she was three; she loves it – and always has a big smile on her face after class. It’s a family friendly business and a good dance school.

Jodi A.

I Am Impressed with the Facilities

My daughter attends Dance academy usa and as a former dancer myself (as a child), I am impressed with the facilities. Other parents have mentioned the “strip mall” location, but it doesn’t really bother me because almost the entire mall is dau. My daughter has tried a few different teachers, but we really love Ms Denise and ms Nikki. Ms. Denise is so exciting, you can tell she loves her job, and Ms. Nikki is really encouraging and makes dance really fun. I subtracted one star for some of the office encounters, they always seem like they want to get you in and out the door as fast as possible.

Jen L.

I Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Experience

I danced with Dance Academy USA for about 4 years. I stopped dancing with DAU because I chose to focus on competitive running, but I couldn’t have asked for a better experience while I was there! The entire staff was so kind and so helpful. They made an effort to get to know their students on a personal level and aimed to better their students inside and outside of dance. I also greatly improved my skills as a dancer. Teachers were willing to help me learn my routine or give me specific feedback about my dancing before or after class- which is not very common for beginner teachers. There were many fun activities you could take part in, such as bringing a friend to class one day, or wearing your costume to class for Halloween. I felt as if my dance community has also become my second family, because everyone there was so close. I really loved the opportunity to preform on stage and would definitely recommend DAU to anyone looking to better their skills as a dancer while also having a blast.

Priyanka S.

The Encouragement and Support Is Amazing

It’s been ten years since my daughter joined DAU. She continues to flourish as a dancer and very committed to the studio, her dance friends, teachers, and staff. She has the opportunity to learn and excel in all the genres of dance.

We have developed strong bonds and relationships with DAU families and staff. The encouragement and support is amazing. She has the opportunity to give back by being a TA and learn valuable leadership skills. The lessons learned from being on the competition team as a committed dancer throughout the years will serve her well in whatever she decides to pursue in the future.

Jae J.

Wow What an Amazing Studio

My 12 year old daughter loves to dance and play softball. She asked me to check out places to dance and we were recommended to check out DAU. Wow what an amazing studio and they have classes for all ages and even beginners just starting out at the age of 12. We will be signing up soon

Kevin B.

It’s like a Second Home

This is our fifth year at Dance Academy USA, and it’s like a second home for my two daughters. They are developing wonderful friendships and learning valuable life lessons that will serve them well in the future.

The staff and teachers are friendly and fun, yet also instill the importance of teamwork, pride and a good work ethic when pursuing your passion for dance. We love the sense of community and family, and look forward to many more happy years at DAU!

L. C.

We Love DA!U

My daughter has been in DAU for 4th years now and I’ve never seen even one time she got bored or tired. She wanted to take classes more and more every year so now she is taking 7classes a week and every time when she goes to dance, she is excited and enjoys staying in the academy with friends, TAs and teachers. All kids I have seen grow healthy and bonded because they cheer up each other by dancing as a team. Teachers are all very enthusiastic and energetic to push kids to be able to pull out their best. There are many opportunities for kids to take advantage of in terms of leadership and creativity and strength. We love DAU!

Jin Young P.

I Highly Recommend This Studio

Dance Academy USA is a very long-standing studio in the Cupertino area and has built there clientele to where it is today. They are professional and courteous to their students and parents. They also have a office on site where any questions can be answered without interrupting the instructors. I highly recommend this studio

Gloria S., San Jose, CA

It’s Been a Fun and Positive Experience

This is my daughters 7th year at DAU. They started when they were 7 and 4 years old and were instantly hooked. They now spend an average of 8 hours a week dancing at the studio. It’s been a fun and positive experience for all of us. The teachers are knowledgeable, friendly, and inspiring. The community is welcoming and my girls have made great friends along the way. DAU has a well-rounded curriculum, from ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, to breakdance and musical theater. My kids get to try the different genre of dance and stick to the ones they really enjoy. I recommend DAU to all my friends with children.

W. Y.

He Staff Is Amazing

I brought my daughter to classes here at Dance Academy 2 years ago. She learned the fundamental techniques of ballet and tap which are important as she moves forward with dance. This year she is in Jazz and loves it! The staff is amazing and Kim Barrett has helped me find the right class for my daughter each year. I recommend this academy to all my friends!!’

Shannon W.

Everyone Was so Supportive

I danced at Dance Academy USA all throughout middle school and high school, and I loved it!! Everyone was so supportive; I always felt like the teachers genuinely cared about me and about what I was going through. The environment and my experiences really cultivated my love for dance.

Alexa K.

She Had Amazing Teachers

My daughter danced at DAU for about 3 years and loved it. She had amazing teachers but with her school in San Jose at Valley Christian we decided to move into their dance program at school. She misses her friends and teachers at DAU and still asks about them. It is a great school with amazing classes, staffing and does an amazing job with their end of the year recitals

Kim B.

We Couldn’t Be Happier

My children have attended Dance Academy USA for the last 11 years and we couldn’t be happier. I have found the teachers to be excellent and the technical training they have received has been outstanding. Most importantly however, the teachers have been kind and patient and have nurtured my children not only as dancers but as human beings. The ballet teachers are excellent as well. This is the place to go in the Bay Area for great technical training and a robust family atmosphere.

Heather W.

Dance Academy USA Was the Perfect Platform

When my son was 10 months old, we moved back to the SJ area after being gone for 6 years. Dance Academy USA was the perfect platform to introduce him to new peers and get him used to group interaction. The Baby Sensory class was fun, clean and very stimulating for everyone. (The teachers inspired me to step up my game at home, too.) Thanks, DAU!!

Natalie T.

The Teachers Have Been so Wonderful

My daughter has been coming for over a year she has been so dedicated to dancing and the teachers have been so wonderful, she has been able to get into San Jose M.S. Performing Arts!

Andrea W.

Great Dance Studio!

Great dance studio! Lots of friends have kids that go there and LOVE it!

Jenn W.

Best Dance Studio in the Bay Area!

Best dance studio in the Bay Area! My nieces have been there forever! They’re like family and the staff is fantastic!!!!

Natalie N.

This Is Now a Second Home

My three daughters have been dancing here for the past 10 years, and this is now a second home and family. They have developed a love for dance, all genres, and also compete on multiple teams through the studio. We plan on staying with DAU until they go off to college. If you’re looking for a dance school with tremendous heart, artistry, and a wide variety of classes and levels, I highly recommend DAU!

Lee C.

I Was Amazed

I’ve been to a lot of studios and I never know what to expect when it comes to dealing with the office staff. But I was amazed how much the staff was on top of it and answering my questions and concerns. If one person couldn’t answer my question, it got relayed to someone that did in a convenient manner. As a dance teacher, that is something I really appreciate about teaching at a studio. It makes a really big difference.

Grant T.

I Was in Awe!!

I went to a performance they had a Dance Academy USA because Ms. Joy invited me and I was in awe!! The show was very professional and everyone was very friendly. I could tell that the dancers really loved dancing and I think that’s the most important thing

Celesta L.

Stayed for the Wonderful Community

I came to this studio to try out a new genre of dance and stayed for the wonderful community, kind and interested staff, and countless opportunities that DAU offers its students to experience dance both on the stage and behind the scenes! Having spent the past 8 years growing as a dancer and making friends for life at DAU, I can confirm that signing up for a class here is one of the best decisions you can make!

Mahima S.

Inclusive and Welcoming

My daughter who is a senior in high school transferred to DAU from another local studio and joined their competitive performing company. As a teen, it was difficult for her to leave friends she had grown up with and make new ones. But the teachers, staff, and dancers were inclusive and welcoming. She has since moved on to high school dance team and no longer dances at the studio, but her younger sister has taken dance class once a week with Miss Joy. She is in the 2nd grade and really enjoys her class and has a lot of fun. I like that this studio offers many options for different levels and abilities. For the “hardcore” dancers it offers very challenging and competitive programs. For the hobbyists, they offer fun and enjoyable classes in a clean, well-run environment.

Laura M.

We Love DAU!!

We love DAU!! It’s a community of incredible teachers and staff that not only offer challenging technique classes but a place for my daughters to build confidence and friends. Jane, the director, is a mother of 3 girls and treats the students like her own. We couldn’t be happier with DAU!

Sara C.

She Has Truly Flourished

My daughter is a dancer at DAU. She has truly flourished in the several years she has trained at this school. They have a warm and wonderful staff and the best instructors who take the time to encourage each pupil to do their very best.

C. Y.

Very Creative Choreography and Fun Music!

I attended a recital and was very impressed by the poise and enthusiasm of the students and instructors! Very creative choreography and fun music!

Lisa A.

I Wish I Started Earlier!

I’ve danced here at DAU for only two years and I wish I started earlier! The faculty is filled with kind, patient, and talented teachers. A thing I love most about DAU is their teacher to student connection; Teachers make it their goal to really connect and learn about their students. You go into class and you automatically feel welcomed by the teachers and the class. These past two years dancing at DAU was an experience I hold so close to my heart because I got to explore other styles of dance while being surrounded by numerous amazing teachers and dancers! I would recommend DAU to any new dancers and experienced dancers who are looking to grow as a dancer and as a person!!

Lilian M.

Loving Every Class!

When my Daughters expressed a new interest in Dance, I started a search and came across Dance Academy USA. It was first and last on our list. Once we visited, talked to the friendly staff and took a tour…we we’re sold! Both girls are registered and loving every class!

Gloria H.

The Studio and Office Staff Is Incredibly Organized

I recently moved here from Salt Lake City, Utah, and have been teaching at Dance Academy USA for the past 3 months! I felt the need to write a review about DAU because of how impressed I have been with the studio. The studio and office staff is incredibly organized, and I have never seen a studio (especially as large as it is) run so smoothly. From what I have seen the other teachers are amazing, and I feel like the students are really learning and improving. I have loved the energy of the studio as well as the students who are always eager to learn in my classes. If you are looking for a great dance studio and environment for your kids I would 100% recommend Dance Academy USA! As a dancer and soon to be mom I will definitely be putting my kids in class here!

Karli K.

I Feel Confident Recommending People

As a fitness instructor/personal trainer, I talk to a LOT of mom’s. One of my class participants recently asked me for recommendations for a dance studio for her daughter. I recommended Dance Academy USA. She took her daughter to a class and she said she LOVED it and the staff was super friendly. I hear so many good things about DAU from other Mom’s – I feel confident recommending people even though I don’t personally have a child who attends.

Penni B.

Had a Blast

My daughter attended a bring a friend day with a student from there and had a blast. Was impressed with the studio size and teachers! Highly recommend it to dancers of all ages.

Julie M.

She’s 3.5 and Absolutely Loves It

This is my daughters third year dancing here. She’s 3.5 and absolutely loves it and loves her teacher this year, Ms. Jane. The office staff has been very helpful on many occasions, and recital last season was AMAZING! Can’t wait until recital this season!

Christine G.

Best Place!

Best Place! You feel welcomed immediately when you first walk in by all the staff and instructors. It is tons of fun to dance or even watch the class. I would definitely recommend this dance studio.

Lisa B.

Best Staff in the Bay!

Big kuddos for having the best staff in the Bay! Especially, Lisa in the office as she is always friendly, knowledgeable and quick to help. Take it from a father who currently has 2 dancers enrolled that you need to check this place out! Awesome teachers and great support staff!

Charles L.

The Staff Is Awesome!

I have been working with Dance Academy for over 15 years. The staff is awesome!

Brooke R.

The Teachers Have Been Such a Huge Part of Our Lives!

I have 3 daughters who all started dance at the age of 2.5. Dance Academy USA was our choice after looking around a few different places. It has been 18 years since our oldest daughter started here. Since then she had graduated and still misses dancing here. My other 2 still are very active in the DAU community. Both girls are on the Competition Team and have been for a long time. The teachers have been such a huge part of our lives! They have not only taught them dance, but how to be great people. They say it takes a village and the wonderful DAU staff has helped tremendously in raising my 3 girls. Ms. Jane is such an amazing mentor. She teaches in such a loving way. They have taken the skills learned at Dance Academy USA, and have gone to win many scholarships at various dance conventions. My girls take all genres at Dance Academy USA, such as Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Turns and Technique, Ballet, and Pointe. If you are looking for a studio that teaches with love but trains them to be strong dancers, DAU is the perfect place!

Lisa L.

I Highly Recommend

My niece has been attending this academy for several years. She enjoys the classes, instructors and events. The staff is awesome, helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging and friendly. I highly recommend.

Craig R.

The Instructors Are All Very Friendly and Professional

I highly recommend Dance Academy USA, the instructors are all very friendly and professional. The facility is very clean and organized! Great place!

Stacey M.

An Amazing Environment

An amazing environment for dancers of all ages! Staff is a wonderful group of people that teach a hardworking and talented group of students. Caring and sweet environment for the whole family!

Ellie O.

Best Coaches and the Nicest Facility

I love the Dance Academy they have the best coaches and the nicest facility in the Bay Area!

Susan G.

One Big Family

I love DAU!! Everyone here is so welcoming and it feels like one big family. The staff is so knowledgeable and supportive and the dancers are incredibly inspiring and hardworking. Coming to DAU is the best part of my day and I wouldn’t want to spend my nights any other way than dancing here.

Yana S.

There Is No Place like DAU!

There is no place like DAU! The dancers, teachers, and staff there are so welcoming and talented. They really inspire everyone else to work hard and follow their passion for dancing. DAU will always be like a second-home that I will never be able to forget no matter how much time passes.

Jaime A.

Thank You Dance Academy!

This is such a wonderful dance academy for all ages. I appreciate the time and effort they spend with the all of the kids as well as the parents. The staff truly takes an interest in teaching and helping our children grow. Thank you Dance Academy!

Anna M.

Wonderful, Family-Run Dance Studio

Dance Academy USA is a wonderful, family-run dance studio. The front office staff is very warm, friendly and helpful. The studio offers a wide variety of dance classes that fit my family’s busy schedule. The dance teachers are also very knowledgeable and friendly.

Jennifer P.

I Continue to Be Impressed

I now have a few friends who have their kids attend this academy. I continue to be impressed with their progress, the professionalism that of the staff and would recommend this dance academy to everyone!

Suzan B.

Such a Positive Environment

I have been dancing at Dance Academy USA since I was 2 and a half years old! The staff is competent and friendly. I have not only learned about dance technique but also social skills and teamwork. Being surrounded by such a positive environment growing up has given me such an amazing experience and a great love for dance. I highly recommend taking a class here!

Joy L.

It Is Truly Their Second Home

My nieces have been taking dance at DAU for over 15 years; it is truly their second home–almost seems like their first home. I’m not a parent but have been at the competitions, recitals, events, regular dance lessons at the Oaks – and there always seems to be a good energy among the parents, kids, and staff. I think the school and staff has helped my nieces grow into independent, strong, and determined young ladies–they grow up so fast. And love the Father-Daughter dance each year–it cracks me up and I hope not their backs!

Toby Y.

I Am so Proud of the Dancers They Have Become!!

My daughters are still dancing at DAU and this is our 10th year here. I am so proud of the dancers they have become!! They have been competing for 4 years and they do really well at all the competitions and conventions. I know I owe their dance success to DAU and all the classes they take.

Not only have they become great dancers but they have learned such important life lessons about competing with other girls, whether they win or lose- how to be gracious when winning and how to be positive and supportive when they lose. They’ve also learned how to balance dance, school, family and friends while living their lives as a changing teenager.

I definitely recommend sending your kids to Dance at Dance Academy USA!! Our life would not be the same without this Dance studio!!

Jenalynne S.

Family Atmosphere

Great to see a dance studio with such a family atmosphere. Older dancers assisting and taking care of the younger dancers! Great role models all around the studios!

Jerome C.

Dance Academy USA Is the Best!

Every teacher that I’ve had is amazing, well educated, and very qualified! They truly care for their students and build true relationships with each individual. I feel so close to all of my teachers and peers in the class, that I am comfortable with making mistakes and improving in this safe learning environment.

The office staff at Dance Academy USA are so excellent!
When I was unsure of which styles and classes to take, they walked me through the sign up process step by step and they were extremely helpful and friendly. I am so happy with all of the classes that I’m signed up for! My whole family is pro DAU!!

The people at DAU go above and beyond any other studio and it truly feels like home. It is one of the few places I feel comfortable with being myself and it is also very a convenient location!

Emily L.

Amazing Teachers

All three of my daughters and I have been taking great dance classes at DAU for the last 6 years. Their amazing teachers teach with passion and great technique and I still can’t believe how we all improved from day 1 to really “nailing it” in the recitals. Its such a great show case and finale to the dance season. Not only do we learn a lot, we also have tremendous fun and pride in what we can accomplish.

Edith L.

We Had Such an Awesome Time

I wanted to share our experience with the 2017 Dance Recital Shows with DAU…. because we had such an awesome time! My daughter always looks forward to these recital shows which create wonderful memories for her to look back on. The recitals are beautifully done and this year were held in the California Theatre, a magnificent historic theatre. My daughter feels so special performing in these shows and sharing what she has learned throughout the dance year, not to mention the gorgeous costumes, achievements and boost to her self-confidence! She was so excited and motivated to sign up for a new year of classes at DAU, including some she has not tried yet in her 10 years of dancing. Bravo to DAU for being a wonderful, positive and healthy outlet for children!! We are now on to a new dance year and so happy to get started again with DAU! 🙂

Judy L.

I Highly Recommend Dance Academy USA

My two daughters danced there from age 4 through high school, including the competitive dance team for 8 years. DAU offers a wide range of dance classes at all skill levels enabling dancers to excel in many styles. No other studio offers the breadth and depth of classes. The teachers are professional and caring and the annual dance recital is professionally done. I also take adult classes.

For kids serious about dance there is a performance team and a competitive dance team. There are also opportunities to help teachers as an aid. My daughters loved competing through high school. They developed great friends and learned valuable life skills like organization, responsibility, doing your best, and being a supportive team player. Both danced in college at USC. It all started at Dance Academy USA.

Gina L.

I Absolutely Loved My Time at Dance Academy

I started dancing at DAU when I was four years old and I have since graduated the studio.

I absolutely loved my time at Dance Academy. From a child and a dancer’s perspective, it was fun and challenging and had a huge variety of classes, like classical ballet, hip-hop/breakdancing, and salsa (just to name a few). I always felt welcomed and respected by teachers and office staff and with the many friends I made there, it was like a family away from home.

Since graduating, I have begun to fully appreciate every opportunity that DAU offers to students. For example, when I was 17 I participated in the Teacher’s Assistant program that allowed me to help teach lower level classes. Seeing that I am now seeking a career as a teacher, this was a wonderful way for me to experience this type of job first hand.

I learned valuable lessons about hard work, confidence, responsibility and friendship at this studio, and I am very grateful I was able to dance for so many years there.

Jessica A.

Amazing Staff

Amazing staff and so many options. I brought my daughter here to watch a class, and she was trying to run through the door and dance with the other students! Production team is amazing option for those who want to dance competitively in a fun and nurturing environment! Go DAU!!

April M.

The Dance Academy Is Great!

I’ve taken my little girl to baby sensory there as well. My little girl is 3 years old and so excited to start dance classes this summer. The facilities are clean and beautiful. The teachers are amazing! I would recommend anyone to take their kids there.

Bobbi S.

Family Orientated Environment

My granddaughter dances at Dance Academy USA. We love the teachers, clean facilities and safe, family orientated environment! It’s so joyful to watch my granddaughters excitement when she learns something new. I have watched her weekly since August she turned 3 in April and I love to see the little ones dance. Ms Tara is her teacher and she is awesome you have to have a lot of patience with these little ones when you have 6-8 of them moving in all directions all the time. She does a great job reeling them in and getting them focused. Can’t wait to see these little ones in recital this year gonna be great.

Addie G.

Exceptional Dance Studio

Exceptional dance studio. My little girl took a Mommy and Me class with my wife this year and they loved it. The dance teacher they had, Jenny was really sweet and great with the kids. She was so encouraging and patient, because from what I saw the times I watched the class toddlers are a tough group to teach! But Jenny kept the class in order always. Our daughter is now 2 and old enough to take regular classes in the fall so we have her enrolled in a creative dance class. My wife and I are excited for the upcoming year because it will be our daughters first dance recital next year. We couldn’t be happier with this establishment.

Justin P.

My Experiences Here Forever Changed My Life

I danced at Dance Academy USA from age 3 to 18 taking technique classes, performing, competing, assisting and teaching. My experiences here forever changed my life. Not only did I have the opportunity to learn and grow as a dancer, but DAU also provided me with life skills and friendships that will last me a lifetime. I am now studying and pursuing my passion at the University of California Irvine and would not have gotten to where I am without my wonderful dance family. Much love for this amazing studio!

Ember H.

We Always Look Forward to Attending Her Annual Dance Recital

My niece has been dancing at DAU for years and we always look forward to attending her annual dance recital in June. They do an amazing job with their costumes and routines and I love watching each performance. Their hard work and dedication really show!

Candace B.

The Staff Was Very Friendly

After having a baby, we began our research into dance studios for our little one for the future. We heard about Dance Academy USA and discovered they offered Mommy and Me classes for kids 18 months to 3 year olds. We went a watched a class and now we absolutely cannot wait till our daughter is old enough to attend! The studio was clean and the staff was very friendly!

Justin K.

A Terrific Dance Studio

Thank you DAU for being such a terrific dance studio. My girlfriend’s daughter who dances there can’t seem to stop gushing about how much she loves the awesome staff, terrific teachers and how much fun it is to be there. She’s making my good friend so happy to see her daughter have such joy in her life…because of DAU. If only my sons were interested in dancing too…but no such luck! 🙁

Jennifer L.

The Shows Are Truly Fantastic

My niece dances at Dance Academy and loves it, been to her dance recitals over the years and am impressed with the shows every time. The shows are truly fantastic.

Robert S.

The Best Teachers

I have a friend who’s daughter dances there and just loves it. She says they have the best teachers there! My daughter is looking into it as well.

Chris W.

They Literally Have Every Kind of Dance

I have 3 girls that love to dance and just went on a tour at Dance Academy USA and was so impressed with what they have to offer, they literally have every kind of dance and the Studio’s were very clean and spacious. The office staff was more than welcoming and answered all of our questions and helped us find classes for all 3 of my girls that fit with our busy schedule. I highly recommend this studio!

Lisa M.

Great Experience for My Daughter

Great experience for my daughter. She made some great friends and had so much fun learning. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

Bonnie M.

We Loved the Recital Experience

Love this studio!! The teachers are friendly and enthusiastic, great experience with keeping the kids motivated and engaged. The office staff is fantastic, and we LOVED the recital experience! Absolutely recommend Dance Academy USA.

Lacey M.

Worth It!

My daughter had several great years there, taking multiple classes. It was a bit of a drive for me, coming from South San Jose, but worth it!

Robert C.

I Wish I Could Have Joined in One of the Classes Myself

I have been looking for different dance locations for my children. I take this quite serious, as if I was searching for a fitness gym for myself. Cleanliness, safety, environment surrounding, class schedule, and of course the chemistry between the staff and the students.

I took some time looking around Dance Academy USA as I heard so many great things about the studio and the staff. I truly wanted to feel the chemistry myself. Not only did I feel amazing positive vibrations coming through the walls, the smiles on the students, parents and staff faces were picture perfect.

Doing my due diligence, I wanted to make sure I did not just walk in on a special day. I visited the studio on a couple more occasions and the energy was so powerful, I wish I could have joined in one of the classes myself.

I asked to use the restroom and the team member behind the front desk, treated me as if I was in her home with her southern hospitality. 10 stars for the all around performance at Dance Academy USA in Cupertino. True Olympians from Staff, Students and Parents. I can’t wait to share my experience with my mother’s groups. Thank you again to the friendly blonde with the great smile that showed me the southern hospitality. I apologize for not remembering your name.

Trish O.

Great Instructors and Beautiful Facility

Great instructors and beautiful facility. An amazing positive and exciting environment for youth!!!

Jennifer H.

DAU Has a Lot to Offer

My two daughters have been dancing here for four years and they absolutely love it. I watched their classes every week and could see a huge improvement in what they were learning. The recital tickets are a bit pricey, but they are well worth it because of the huge show that is put on at the end of the year. The recitals are very professional, and the entire family enjoys seeing the various levels of dancers perform their routines. DAU has a lot to offer for my oldest daughter, who would like to become a serious dancer, as well as recreational classes for my younger daughter. They have classes for infants all the way up to adults. The teachers are excellent and their competition team is AMAZING. My oldest daughter has been inspired to take more dance classes by watching their team at recitals. We are extremely happy at this studio, and I plan on starting my third and youngest daughter in the “mommy and me” classes this year.

Shari C.

I Absolutely Love It

This is my first year at DAU, and I absolutely love it. The competition teams are simply amazing, and the teachers are professional and fun. Jane Carter herself even took the time to get to know me! I’ve improved a lot. The conventions and competitions are so much fun! The studio is also very organized. Thanks, DAU!

Sabrina S.

Our Experience Has Been Nothing but Outstanding

We came to DAU from another dance studio and the instruction, organization, and professionalism at DAU is unparalleled. Both of my children are involved in the production company and our experience has been nothing but outstanding. The instruction and technique taught is amazing and all of the dance teachers are excellent role models for our dancers. Many of them are school teachers, former studio owners and almost all have danced professionally and worked in the industry. DAU is a huge studio but still manages to maintain a family atmosphere where kids feel like it is their home away from home. The owner, Jane Carter and the people who run the office run a tight and organized is a pleasure to work with them. My daughters are learning such amazing life skills through competition dance…the ability to work hard with others toward a common goal and others…I cannot speak highly enough of this place! Some people villify competition dance but I have found it to be a great experience for my girls who have a ton of opportunities to perform (not just at the end of the year recital) and take pride in working hard to improve their routine everytime they perform it. Judges give valued critical feedback that is shared with the dancers and then they hit the wood again trying to perfect the dance and correct the problems. Kind of like real life, huh? Lastly, great sportsmanship is stressed by our teachers at every competition–we even won the backstage award at one competition this year. If you want your children to have a first-class dance education AND spend time at a wonderfully friendly place then DAU is for you!

H W.

This Is the BEST Studio Around!!!!

Everyone is always so happy to be there! It really does feel like a Family! The studio is very professional- from the teachers, dance studios, office staff, recitals, competition teams and more! The nice thing about Dance Academy USA is that you can get whatever you want out of it- a recreational or competitive atmosphere. If you want the best for your kids, have them take at DAU!

Charlotte J.

Everything You Could Ever Want in a Dance Studio!

I have two daughters taking dance at Dance Academy USA and they both love love love every moment they are there. Both of them took their first class when they were in preschool. They are now nine and twelve years old. Our experience has been that the owner hires wonderful teachers that are both caring and skilled at both the art of teaching dance and inspiring confidence and responsibility. What I love most about Dance Academy is that, above teaching dance, it instills such positive values. My 12-year-old joined the competition (production) team when she was in fourth grade. She has learned teamwork, perseverance, and tremendous discipline. I am always impressed by the way the teachers can give such constructive criticism while building confidence and commitment in the team. Now my youngest is in fourth grade and has joined the production team as well. She is having a great time!

I also love that you can always watch your children while they are in class. I am amazed at how much energy and enthusiasm the teachers demonstrate. Personally, I would be exhausted teaching these classes back to back. But the teachers seem to truly enjoy every minute of it.

Dance Academy USA also offers a wonderful leadership opportunity in their Teaching Assistant program. Students that are at least twelve years old and have attended the studio for at least two years may apply to be teaching assistants. My oldest daughter just became a TA this year. Not only is she thrilled to assist her beloved long-time ballet teacher, she is learning the importance of being a role-model to the younger dancers.

The studio develops very strong dancers and though winning competitions is not their main focus, they do extremely well locally and nationally. Also, unlike nearly every studio I see at competitions, Dance Academy chooses costumes that are tasteful and appropriate for the young people wearing them. You won’t see a bunch of little girls with bare midriffs competing for DAUPC.

Yes, as some reviews have mentioned, the studio has gone through some growing pains as it has expanded over the past few years. But I see them continuously striving to make the studio better and to make adjustments when needed. The growth, however, has brought lots of wonderful additions and options! The selection of classes offered can’t be beat. Most importantly to me, the studio’s main focus continues to be supporting families to raise responsible and resilient young people.

Melissa H.

The Drive Is Absolutely Worth the Time

This is my daughter’s first year at this Dance Studio and we love it! She’s 6 years old in a Ballet/Jazz class and loves her teacher, Miss Lauren. We were a bit hesitant about the studio being that we live in San Jose and this Studio is located in Cupertino but the drive is absolutely worth the time with the quality service you receive not only from teachers but the amazing office staff. We can’t wait for our first end of the year recital with DAU!

J. A.

Thank You DAU

My daughter Sudiksha joined DAU as a toddler. The intention was merely to get her started with “some” activity. Before we knew it she had become an integral part of the DAU Family and when I say “family”, I mean it. Although she dances long hours practically all 7 days of the week ( at the age of 9 ), she never complains. Thanks to the DAU crew, hardwork is lovingly presented as FUN! Growing up with DAU, I am witnessing her build on focus and perseverance, which is reflected in other spheres of life as well.

Thank you DAU: in the process of grooming skilled dancers, you are offering the society with a generation of complete individuals!

Soumi B.

Amazing Experience Across the Board

My daughter is starting her 5th year at DAU and we have had an amazing experience across the board. She says her teachers have changed her life. The level of expertise of the instructors and staff are unparalleled. There is a beautiful camaraderie and support structure between dancers of all ages as well. I highly recommend DAU!! Dana DiVerde Mountain View


Wonderful Environment

Dance Academy USA is a great studio. Their staff is very hard working and it is overall a wonderful environment.

Sarah S.

Look No Further

DAU is a great dance studio The entire staff is extremely sweet and helpful. If you are looking for classes then look no further then here!

Jessica W.

All of the Dance Teachers Are Excellent Role Models

We came to DAU from another dance studio and the instruction, organization and professionalism at DAU is unparalleled. Both of my children are involved in the production company and our experience has been nothing but outstanding. The instruction and technique taught is amazing and all of the dance teachers are excellent role models for our dancers. Many of them are school teachers, former studio owners and almost all have danced professionally and worked in the industry. DAU is a huge studio but still manages to maintain a family atmosphere where kids feel like it is their home away from home. The owner, Jane Carter and the people who run the office run a tight and organized is a pleasure to work with them. My daughters are learning such amazing life skills through competition dance…the ability to work hard with others toward a common goal and others…I cannot speak highly enough of this place! Some people villify competition dance but I have found it to be a great experience for my girls who have a ton of opportunities to perform (not just at the end of the year recital) and take pride in working hard to improve their routine every time they perform it. Judges give valued critical feedback that is shared with the dancers and then they hit the wood again trying to perfect the dance and correct the problems. Kind of like real life, huh? Lastly, great sportsmanship is stressed by our teachers at every competition–we even won the backstage award at one competition this year. If you want your children to have a first-class dance education AND spend time at a wonderfully friendly place then DAU is for you!


I Love Dancing Here!

If you want to learn from the best come here! GO DAU

Makayla G.

Great Dance Studio for Dancers of All Ages

Dance Academy USA is a great dance studio for dancers of all ages! Everyone is very accommodating and the energy in the office is always positive.

Christina R.

I love Dance Academy USA!

I love Dance Academy USA! The teachers are outstanding and always make their students feel welcomed. I always look forward to the end of the year recitals to see all of the student’s hard work and the shows are always great!! Keep up the good work DAU!

Candice B.

They Have Great People and a Great Product

I have been part of the Dance Academy USA community for almost 20 years. They have great people and a great product. Talking to other parents – we would talk of how the dance classes, besides being just plain fun, helped with showing colleges the students had lots of interests outside of school. And, the staff says all the time that dance helps with self-confidence and being part of a team. It’s true. This is a company with good people, and a great product.

Jeff F.

This Is a Great Studio

My niece takes lessons here and she absolutely loves it. I’m not sure what the issues were here in the past that cause a lower rating but they seem to have completely turned things around. I highly recommend this dance school.

Jeanette W.

The Growth of the Studio Has Been Astounding

I was invited to help with selling tickets for the 1st recital of DAU; I have been doing that ever since. The growth of the studio has been astounding, due in part to the fantastic team of teachers, the love for dance by Ms. Jane and the staff, the caring of the safety of the children when they are in DAU’s care, and the discipline which is instilled in each student. It’s been my extreme pleasure to see the growth of the students from year to year. The confidence and values imparted in each student by DAU will serve them well their entire life.

Judy A.

DAU Is a Great Place for Your Beginner Dancer

The instructors and the office staff are warm and welcoming. Through the years I spent with DAU, I saw dancers who began at a small age transform through their youth into beautiful dancers. Many students have moved onto a professional level. As a parent, I believe it is first class!

Andrea M.

This Studio Really Wants the Dancers to Learn and Enjoy Dancing

This dance studio is a great way to learn many different types of dance. Unlike a “Ballet Studio”, my daughter can learn jazz, hip-hop, and lyrical, too. Of course, ballet is taught and is a requirement for some other types of dance.

The teachers have all been excellent with impressive resumes.

What truly stands out is the support in the office. For a studio which handles as many classes as it does, I am treated well by the office staff when I have a question or a misunderstanding. They always take care of any issues very quickly. I’d like to commend Loretta and Kim. They responded to me quickly to resolve my issues.

In summary, this studio really wants the dancers to learn and enjoy dancing.

C. G.

We Love DAU (Dance Academy USA)!!!

Our daughter loves to dance and play the drums! Her hands and feet are constantly moving. Competitive Sports weren’t her thing…but we knew we had to find a team or group thing she would love & that we could support. We are very pleased with DAU. The dance class options are endless (she loves lyrical, tap, and jazz). The location is perfect since it’s central to so many shopping centers (target, whole foods, and trader joes isn’t far). The office staff ROCKS! I walk in crazy mom that doesn’t know where to begin and walk out with my child registered knowing the costume orders will be handled by the very competent staff. The teachers are amazing too! According to my daughter, “some teachers are strict & boring but some are so fun.” I am cool with that because they have all taught my daughter the art of dance, technical terms, motivated her to work harder, inspired her to try new things and have transformed her. She now sees how closely related drumming is to tap dance. It is evident that DAU has enriched her life over the past 5 years by way she moves, her posture and confidence and stage presence. We look forward to the show at the end of the year which really show her progress from the year before. Cost is always a concern and it can all add up very quickly but when I see my child on stage performing & feeling good about herself it is all worth it! The creative and talented community at DAU has helped my child develop, grow and thrive in a caring and loving environment where she can get all wiggles out! I recommend DAU to everyone young and young at heart. Thinking to sign up for an adult tap class myself.

Mimi M.

Instructor Was Very Patient

My niece took a mommy and me dance class here, the instructor was very patient and helped the kids develop a love for dance at a very young age. They are passionate about what they do which is very important when teaching children! I would highly recommend this dance school!

Jennifer H.

Studios are Clean

My niece has been coming here for the past year and she absolutely loves it ! Studios are clean and we always feel safe leaving her, while her class is in session. Management and staff are always so helpful and always keep us informed about upcoming events. We love and DAU and will definitely continue coming to this studio!

Ani C.

Love This Dance Studio!!

One of my boys took beginning hip hop a while back and the instructor was great! Patient and encouraging and fun. Although my son wasn’t really into furthering his dance career, you’re welcome world, I highly recommend this place. I have tons of friends who have daughters who have gone through here as well as adults. . Nothing but thumbs up!!!!

Dani T.

Great Teachers and a Wonderful Environment!

My niece attends classes at Dance Academy USA and LOVES it!

Michele G.

I Love This Studio!

I pick up my niece at the studio and staff is a friendly clean environment. She loves it!

Reinita O.

Dance Academy USA Is Awesome!

My niece dances at DAU and loves it. They put on an amazing recital each year and we look forward to each year seeing another fantastic show! Staff is wonderful and highly recommend.

Craig R.

My Niece Has Flourished

Dance Academy USA is terrific and my niece has flourished there! Their recitals are amazing, fun and we enjoy attending. I highly recommend for any child or teen!

Angela R.

The Costuming Is Highly Professional

I just wanted to send a “shout out” to Dance Academy USA today. My granddaughter takes classes there & I have attended many recitals and find them highly entertaining and relevant. The costuming is highly professional and flatters all the girls. My granddaughter enjoys the classes and is always anxious to share her recent experiences with me.

I would be highly remiss if I didn’t mention the glue that makes this dance studio such a step above others in the area. Their highly competent staff is always there to greet you with a warm smile (no matter how much is occurring around them). it is a true compliment to work with top quality professionals as you find in both the front and back of the house at Dance Academy USA! Kudos to all

Jan L.

He Learned Some Cool Moves

My son took the hip-hop class and loved it. He learned some cool moves and had a blast with other kids.

A. C.

The Environment Was Impressively Clean!

I took my two girls here, always excited upon arrival. The environment was impressively clean! The kids really enjoyed themselves.

Sydney G.

Great Dance Studio!

My friend’s daughter attends here and has been to many performances. All the shows are professionally done. Such a pleasure to watch the girls grow into such amazing young women and beautiful dancers!

Elizabeth S.

An Exceptional Dance Studio!

I’d recommend to kids and adults, as this place offers a variety of dance classes and the teachers are undoubtedly experienced in what they do! If you are looking for a dance studio, this is a great place!

Tiffany L.

Amazing Studio

Amazing studio, from the staff to the facilities, just an incredible experience all around!

Eric V.

The Staff Is Pretty Cool and Informative

I had stopped by to check this place out. The staff is pretty cool and informative. I had sat in on a class and my son seems really eager to join. Since my son is currently in a summer program, he will start when regular starts, to keep his schedule busy.

An N.

Great Classes, Tons of Variety and Choices

I can not say enough good things about this dance studio! Great classes, tons of variety and choices. It’s always clean and best of all, fun!

Raya D.

Really Clean and Tidy

Very much place. Really clean and tidy. I sat down on a session for my friend’s nephew. He really opened up to the instructors, normally shy at first. He was super excited after and I knew immediately he was open in coming back.

I definitely recommend this place.

Yi M.

Totally Blown Away by the Incredible Talent

Having a dance background, I was very picky about which dance studio to enroll my kids. I attended Dance Academy’s recital a few years ago to see their work and was totally blown away by the incredible talent of the choreography and dancers! My kids have been enrolled ever since (which has now been 6 years!!) and I’m so happy to say that they are now swept up into the incredible experience of DAU. Not only is the teaching top notch, but they offer over 220 classes a week so I’m always able to find a class that fits our schedule and matches my kids’ interest/ability. Thank you for providing and a wonderful place to grow up dancing, DAU!

Marcie S.

DAU Is the Place to Be

When you enroll your child for dance lessons at DAU, you are becoming a member of a dance community that has been around for over 26 years! Not only does the studio provide excellent dance education but the studio is run with the utmost professionalism which is truly hard to find. Class and holiday schedules, recital instructions, picture day instructions, etc., are all given out well ahead of time so parents are always in the know of what is going on. There are so many opportunities to be involved further at the studio such as DAU’s production company, performing company, winter ballet production and teacher assistant program. They even have an awarding winning baby sensory program for little babies…adorable! If you are looking for a dance studio where your child can grow in a positive and supportive environment over the years, DAU is the place to be!

Charlene B.

Can’t Wait to See His Class Perform This Weekend

I have been an active part of this dance studio for years! I took jazz and tap classes here as a teenager and my cousins son currently takes a hip-hop class with Jessalyn and loves it. Can’t wait to see his class perform this weekend at Recital, it’ll be like a stroll down memory lane from my dance days.

Samantha S.

Dance Academy Has by Far Impressed Me the Most

As a mother of 3 girls I’ve done my fair share of dance classes throughout the bay area. Dance Academy has by far impressed me the most. I think it’s their teachers and staff that make them stand out the most. Awesome teachers with a great variety of classes to take. One size does not fit all when it comes to kids and we found something that tailored to all 3 of my girls. Happy mommy and a happy customer!

Amber L.

What an Amazing Dance Studio.

We have dear friends whose daughter dances here. The performances are by far the best choreographed pieces we’ve seen and the staff is so professional, welcoming and kind.

Mary O.

They Offer a Huge Selection of Classes

My daughter has been attending classes here since 2010 and loves everything about the classes and the teachers. They offer a huge selection of classes as well as impressively trained and talented instructors. I highly recommend this studio to everyone.

Teale M.

They Both Enjoy the Variety of Classes

My oldest daughter attended DAU for close to 12 years, and my youngest one now for about 5. They both enjoy the variety of classes, the instructors, and the overall environment. They have grown a lot over the past years, and that speaks a lot about their quality and the attention they give the kids. It is really a great studio!

Mauro S.

Impressed with the Quality of Dancers and the Performance Itself

We attended a dance recital in June at the California Theater and was so impressed with the quality of dancers and the performance itself. Highly recommend if you have kids between the ages of 3-18!

Deanna B.

Everyone Here Is Very Friendly and Welcoming!

There is a wide variety of classes for all levels and the place is safe and clean. If you have any questions or concerns the staff is willing to take the time as they answered all my questions. I highly recommend DAU!

Tina S.

Wonderful Place!

Teachers, staff are amazing. My kids have made great friends and have learned so much. They love going to dance and want to keep taking classes. A+ studio!

Dee W.

What a Great Place – Very Impressive!

The teachers were awesome and so dedicated. I highly recommend Dance Academy USA. My God Daughter attends and loves it!

Valeri H.

The Excitement from the Students Is Contagious

Wonderful facility and great staff, so dedicated and positive. The excitement from the students is contagious. Dance is a great experience for all young people. It teaches confidence, hard work and the love of music. I would absolutely recommend Dance Academy!

Leslie F.

I Would Highly Recommend Checking Them Out!

I have a friend that dances for Dance Academy and loves it! We made it to a recital and it was fantastic! The teachers and the office staff were great! I would highly recommend checking them out!

Tabatha S.

Great Experience

The picture day at DAU was very organized and well planned.
– early info on time and class by email to families
– both photo shoots started on time
– they managed to hold the Saturday classes
– popcorn, water, music and balloons created a festive atmosphere
– set up tents for shade during a hot day
– pop up store to sell dance clothing

Great experience …

Preeta A.

I Have Never Had Such a Great Time

As a member of DAU for the past 8 years, I can confidently say that I have never had such a great time and learned so much while being involved with and working for such a great entity.

The children are learning more than just dance here. It is about a mindset, a sense of community, a code of values, and tools to lead a successful life that all of these children learn and participate in.

All of the teachers are friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated. The office staff always steer this ship in the right direction with the parents and children’s best interests at heart.

And the owners who have dedicated most of their lives to this school have managed to create something incredible!

Jeremy K.

DAU Has Truly Helped Me Accomplish My Dreams

At the age of 6 I took my first class at Dance Academy USA, never did I know my life would truly change forever. Now at the age of 19 dancing at the prestigious American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, I cannot stress on how much DAU has truly helped me accomplish my dreams.

The staff are one of a kind and nurture each and every student to the best of their ability. Staff members act professional and make students feel comfortable in the classes. You will get HIGH-QUALITY dance education at Dance Academy USA that you cannot get anywhere else.

DAU does not only teach its students dance, but also life lessons that many carry on throughout their life. If you want your child to grow as a dancer and as an individual then PLEASE sign them up for their first class at DAU, you will not regret it!

Nathan M.

We Can’t Wait for Next Season!

This is my daughter’s 4th year at DAU and her 4th picture day as well. So far so good. The process is quick and easy. They were behind a few minutes tho but still worked out okay. We can’t wait for next season!

Diorelle A.

What a Wonderful Sight at Dance Academy’s Picture Day!

Very organized and friendly staff meticulously handling all the lovely performers and excited parents at complete ease. Tara is a fantastic teacher and very thankful to the entire team for an amazing experience!

Ranjani S.

This Place Is Awesome

This place is awesome and nice place to start and finish your kids dancing. The teachers are very knowledgeable and very professional and the classes start on time. The environment is what really truly makes the studio what it is today.

William O.

Wonderful Dance Academy!

My daughters second year! Conveniently located in Cupertino and great teachers!

Jessi J.

Proud to Have My Girls Here

My girls have been here for years, it’s the best! The teachers are great and the recitals every year is legit! Proud to have my girls here

Danielle L.

My Daughter Loves it Here

Awesome dance school, my daughter loves it here. Can’t wait for the annual recital time and the summer camps

Michelle C.

I’m Glad My Daughter Found Comfort with This Place

Sifting through my Yelp closet, I figured I’d revise this review since it was long overdue. My statement about DAU is this: Based on the amount of happy students that attend, and there seems to be quite a lot. I believe this place does not need my endorsement, but these negative reviews are not indicative of a great majority of the parents, just a select “special few”. I’m glad my daughter found comfort with this place. It’s a good feeling knowing that she can come here to learn different styles of dance, since that’s what DAU is about… dance. I’ve read where a few believe DAU was about money… that’s odd that a place could make you feel it was about the money. I guess I’d be perturbed since Amazon Prime didn’t offer free shipping and cheaper prices for dance lessons. About the mall like setting… what’s weird is.. WHO CARES… only a grumpy, miserable person would make this complaint. GOOD GOD PEOPLE… and ya know… ask your kids school teachers how they feel about the parents of the 20-25 students they teach daily. It’s probably a safe bet they tell you one thing… and feel completely different about your overbearing, overdramatic, self-righteous, self-loathing, miserable personalities.

BTW…. I like the mall like setting, they have a Jamba Juice 😉

James L.

She Loves Her Time at the Studio

My daughter has been attending dance classes at Dance Academy USA for almost seven years. She started when she was two and it has been an extremely positive experience. She loves her time at the studio and adores ALL of her teachers. Besides offering exceptional technique classes they go above and beyond teaching dance. They teach valuable lessons in confidence, responsibility, discipline and team work. It is evident to me in my daughter and you see it in the older kids at the school as well. I am always so impressed by how positive and successful they all are. The school offers them teaching assistant opportunities, which is why you may walk past a studio and see teenagers helping lead a class. They are positive role models and the younger kids love them.

One of my favorite things about DAU is the feel of community. Our family is originally from the east coast and we have no family in the area. I always look for schools and activities for my kids that also offer a community feeling. I love the community at DAU and I can’t speak highly enough about the parent community as well. Some of the nicest most supportive teachers and parents I have met. I am grateful to have found such kind and caring people for my daughter to consider her “trusted adults”.

For my daughter’s first “Special Persons Day” at her elementary school, the kids were encouraged to invite a special person in their life to breakfast at the school. Who did my daughter think of? Ms. Jane, of course. Jane’s leadership makes the school special and different from the rest. The kids feel it and the parents appreciate it too.

Dori B.

It’s the Best Place for Dance

I have danced here since I was 6 and I love it. I am there about 20 hours a week. It’s the best place for dance!!!!

Delaney W.

She Is Now a Professional Dancer Literally Touring the World

My daughter actually GREW UP at Dance Academy! From the day it opened when she was 5 years old until she went off to college (Juilliard I might add), DAU was her 2nd home. She is now a professional dancer literally touring the world. DAU gets nothing but the best teachers and provides classes for all levels from kids & adults who want to just add a little dance to their life to those to want to make it their life. DAU, we love you!

Peggy W.

One of the Most Modern and Largest Dance Studios in the Area

My children have been dancing with the studio for several years now. Dance Academy USA has not only a wonderful staff/teachers but one of the most modern and largest dance studios in the area. DAU has exceptional customer services and are open to feedback, comments, and suggestions. Not only are the students involved but also parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents thus creating a family type of environment. Their dances and costumes are always age appropriate. I consistently see older dancers mentor and help the younger dancers. Teachers will often include students in open discussions. Students that are more outgoing, serious, and passionate with dance will most likely be showcased more then others. This is no different then if your child is involved in sports or any other extracurricular activity. You have to prove and work hard to become a “star player”. It’s not just given to you.

Busy M.

It Provides a Flexible Schedule

I dance here @ DAU and I love it! It provides a flexible schedule so I can accommodate school related work.

Amanda L.

A Welcoming Environment in Every Way

Dance Academy USA has been a welcoming environment in every way. The office staff is so friendly, and the teachers truly care about each and every one of their students, from the smallest dancers all the way through adults. It is a wonderful place to help your child not only grow as a dancer, but as a person.

Tara R.

There Is a Place at DAU for Everyone

Dance Academy USA has always been a warm and welcoming environment. I’ve been teaching here for 8 years now and have loved every moment. Whether it’s the hard-working dancers, the amazing faculty or the warm families, there is a place at DAU for everyone.

Grant C.

I Cannot Speak More Highly About DAU

The loving, caring, and experienced staff makes it a joy for all ages to attend. You can truly tell that the children who take classes there leave with a sense of accomplishment and pride, all the while having a big smile across their face. If you’re looking for a friendly and motivating environment for your children to learn from the best, DAU is the place to go!

Mahnaz A.

The People Here Are Part of My Family

I have been a part of Dance Academy USA for 23 years. The people here are part of my family. My students are like my children and my daughters love their teachers like they are aunties. Not only is it a friendly and inclusive place, the dance training is second to none. We offer just about every discipline and level and age-appropriate classes in each. That way, each dancer is learning in a way that is developmentally appropriate. I strongly believe in what we do here and would encourage anyone from casual dancer to pro-in-training to give us a try.

Jen T.

Wonderful Studio

Wonderful studio with many classes to choose from. The office staff is very friendly and helpful!

Jennifer P.

The Teachers Are Amazing Professionals

Dance Academy USA is the largest dance studio in Northern California. No wonder every dancer and parent wants to be a part of it! – The teachers are amazing professionals, the staff is friendly and devoted to the success of our children, the kids are supportive of each other and appreciative to others.

Dance Academy has been a second home to our daughter since we immigrated 7 years ago. She feels happy, loved, supported and accomplished. What more can a parent hope for?

Vanya B.

The Teachers Inspire Confidence and Teamwork in Each Class

My daughter has danced at Dance Academy USA since the age of 4, and it has been a wonderful experience in teaching her not only the performance arts skills of dance, rhythm, stage presence, and musicality, but also essential character building traits and life skills. Through the years the teachers have played a role in developing her strong sense of dedication, discipline, work ethic, commitment, and perseverance especially as part of the Production Team. The teachers inspire confidence and teamwork in each class, and my daughter has carried this into many other facets of her academic and extracurricular activities. This studio will help your kids develop in more ways than dance alone!

Sandra H.

Keep up the great work!

I am so lucky to have a best friend who’s daughter dances at Dance Academy USA. I get to go to the dance productions and watch all of the amazing kids and instructors show off their skills.
Keep up the great work!

Marsha S.

Perfect Environment for Dancers of All Ages

Dance Academy USA is the perfect environment for dancers of all ages. The staff in the office are all extremely friendly, attentive, and understanding. They are genuinely interested in your concerns, and ready to help in any way possible. It is always a pleasure going to DAU because of the upbeat and fun, but still very professional attitude (not to mention the dedication to each dancer is refreshing). Highly recommended.

Kelsey B.

I Would Recommend to Anyone Interested in Dance

Dance Academy USA is a wonderful, family-friendly business that I would recommend to anyone interested in dance. My two girls have attended class there for the past several years and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable, friendly and professional and my girls absolutely love going there. My wife and I always enjoy attending class as well as the yearly recitals. If you’re looking for a dance studio in the Cupertino area, Dance Academy USA is the place to go!

Bobby A.

One of the Best Dance Studios in the State

Dance Academy USA is one of the best dance studios in the state if not THE BEST DANCE STUDIO in the state!! The staff is so helpful and friendly and the teachers really care about the students. As a long time parent of a student I would totally recommend this dance studio above all others!

Thank you DAU!

Linda J.

If You Are Looking for a Great Studio This Is the Place for You!

Dance Academy USA has taught my kids about Teamwork, Managing their time wisely and many Life Skills they have used outside of dance. In addition, my husband and I really believe that DAU has helped us (as parents) communicate to our kids the following message – – – You have to work hard for something you want, and if you don’t make it on your first try, then try again and work that much harder to become that much better. As a family we really believe in that – – – and DAU has helped us reinforce that core value with our kids.

If you are looking for a GREAT studio this is the place for you!

Kari G.

I Love DAU!

The teachers are some of the best out there, the office staff is very helpful and the culture is so welcoming. It’s like my second family

Christina G.

We Are Grateful for the Exceptional Dance Education

My daughters have been students at Dance Academy USA for almost 13 years and part of their renowned Production Company for the last 7 years. Not only have they been classically trained in all forms of dance including jazz, lyrical, tap, ballet, contemporary, and hip-hop, they have learned the significance of hard work, dedication, commitment, and teamwork. We are grateful for the exceptional dance education and the personal influence that Dance Academy USA has given our daughters.

Jesse G.

DAU Rocks!

My daughter has been enrolled there for nearly 5 years and it’s become like a second home to us. The teachers and staff are amazing and they make us feel like family. We always look forward to attending the annual shows, especially the June recital. I would absolutely recommend Dance Academy USA to anyone interested in dance!

Natalia A.

This Studio Is Really First-Class

I have been a dance instructor at DAU for eight years and absolutely love it! This studio is really first-class: knowledgeable instructors, helpful staff, supportive parents and amazing and dedicated dancers. The studio offers a great environment for the serious and recreational dancer.

Charlene B.

Sign Your Kids Up… You Won’t Be Disappointed.

My review is based on the past 5 years my daughter has spent dancing at Dance Academy USA. As a single father… I simply had no idea how important it was to engage my daughter in activities that were suited for her… and not for me. It was either dance or gymnastics or even both… she chose dance.

The importance of relationships and interaction with kids from different schools has not only allowed my daughter the opportunity to meet other kids she normally wouldn’t… it’s also helped her create a solid friendship base for years to come. Much like Martial Arts and team activities… dance has helped my daughter learn the importance of hard work and given her a structure through which she can build upon. I can’t speak for other dance studios… but I know that my daughter loves dancing at DAU. She loves her teachers, and the staff has always been good to me knowing that I am a single father. They’ve always helped with sizing my daughter up for costumes and helping out with her hair for recitals. Or if we’ve forgotten certain types of dance shoes… they’ve always come through. The entire office staff is incredibly friendly in a genuine way… especially knowing that their dancers are their lifeblood.

Even though DAU is a business… they certainly don’t treat it like one. They certainly don’t treat their dancers like customers either. You can tell the ladies in the office are parents of their own… quite a few of them have kids that take dance at DAU as well. It’s simply a great place for your kids to grow, and learn dance. The teachers my daughters have had are terrific as well… they make dance fun for the kids.

Dance Academy USA isn’t for every parent… but it is for every kid that wants to learn from the best. Isn’t that why we sign our kids up for activities? Sign your kids up… you won’t be disappointed.

Jim L.

The Owners and Staff Are Great!

My daughter has been going here for 2 years. The owners and staff are great! There are so many options and routes to explore here. If you are considering a dance school, this is the place.

Thumbs up to DAU!

Alex V.

Very Friendly and Helpful Staff!

Dance Academy USA is a great place for kids of all ages to learn and have a great time. We have enjoyed watching the kids perform. Very friendly and helpful staff!

Danielle G.

I Love to See My Daughter so Happy

My daughter has been a student at Dance Academy USA for almost seven years! She started when she was two and I remember even back then she would count the number of sleeps till her next class. She still loves DAU…and so do I. Besides offering exceptional technique classes, DAU offers valuable lessons in confidence, responsibility, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship. It is evident to me in my daughter and you see it in the other kids at the school as well. What I have grown to love the most is the community at DAU, some of the nicest teachers and parents I have ever met. I love to see my daughter so happy and surrounded by such kind, caring and supportive people.

Dori B.

An Amazing Place to Dance

Dance Academy USA was an amazing place to dance at. The staff was hardworking, talented and encouraging. It was the best experience and it was how I learned everything I know about dance, including my technique. My technique has now taken me further in my dance career, such as high school company and more. I have gained lifelong friendships through DAU. Overall, I love everything about DAU and would not change my experience there for anything.

Jennifer H.

DAU Has Become Our Second Home

Dance Academy USA is a wonderful dance studio. My daughter has been taking dance classes in DAU for 4 years and is a part of the studio’s production company. The studio has classes for all ages and levels, as well as amazing experienced teachers. DAU has become our second home in recent years, and we feel lucky being part of such a great community. The teachers teach not only dance but important life skills such as: respect, discipline, responsibility and teamwork. It is remarkable how my daughter grew there as a person and as a dancer. Thank you DAU for your support.

Limor G.

My Nieces Really Found a Home Away from Home

I have been a part of the DAU family as an aunt since my oldest niece was 3 years old. Over the past 14 years, I have watched my 4 nieces and my nephew all dance and perform with this studio. Each of them have grown in their own way through the program, but 3 of my nieces really found a home away from home within their dance classes and competition teams, creating bonds with fellow dancers and teachers that will continue far beyond their years spent at DAU. DAU is a wonderful place for children to spend their “extra” time. It is a very organized and well-run studio, students learn so much more than just “dance”, and the talent and choreography that comes out of this studio is amazing to watch. Now that I have my own children, I commute 2 hours roundtrip every week just so my baby can be a part of their award-winning Baby Sensory program.

Aileen B.


The staff is amazing, and the families are great.
I love that DAU is a safe & fun place to be. Everyone feels like family.


Kayla J.

Love the Facilities

Daughter dances there, love the facilities and the staff and teachers.

Justin P.

So Thankful for the Lifelong Lessons

I spent five amazing years dancing at DAU and am so thankful for the lifelong lessons I have learned and friends I made because of my time dancing there. The DAU teaching staff is the Bay Area’s best and I would highly recommend this studio for dancers of all ages!

Erin T.

DAU Welcomed Me into the Community

Dance Academy USA is the perfect balance between competitive dance training and family atmosphere. After dancing at another studio for 9 years, DAU welcomed me into the community and provided countless opportunities that I had not previously been offered. I was a member of the production company for six years where I gained a strong work ethic and numerous skills that have served me both inside and out of the dance world. The instructors at DAU are extremely knowledgable and personable. They tailor their work to the needs of each individual dancer. I always looked forward to my classes at DAU and left them feeling improved and motivated. I can’t express how much DAU guided and supported me during my time there. Six years wasn’t enough and it will always bring me pride to call DAU my home!

Anna M.

DAU Is Part of Our Extended Family!

My daughter is 9 years old and has been dancing at DAU since she was 2. She loves coming to her dance classes and has learned so much from the wonderful teachers here! She has made friends here that are sure to last a lifetime and we feel DAU is part of our extended family!

Kate P.

Dear DAU

What a fantastic and absolutely inspiring weekend! My daughter, who takes several classes at DAU and was in every show except Show 1, absolutely loved everything about the whole experience. She is still bubbling over it and has gotten her cousins now interested in taking classes at DAU. As a parent volunteer (for six of the shows), I saw first-hand how much coordination and effort it takes to put something like this together! Your staff was amazing and they ALL are wonderful inspirations to the kids.

As a parent, I felt that the recitals were so well worth the efforts and expenses that I put forth for my daughter’s classes. I was watching the shows either on the TV in the Green Rooms or as an audience member for one show. I was absolutely blown away by the performances of the teachers, the TAs, the dancers and of course the dads (before each intermission). The performances were great but what made it so special was to see the teachers as dance professionals who have a passion to share their talent with the students that join your school.

Your faculty is top notch… pure class… giving and generous with their expertise to the students. Thank you for your persistent preparation and always offering excellence.

Vidya S.

My Happiest Memories Are at DAU

Dance Academy USA is so much more to me than a dance studio. My happiest memories are at DAU- dancing with friends, taking pictures on Picture Day, going to In n Out during Recital Weekend, competitions with two number changes. Now when I come home from the University of Southern California, it doesn’t feel like I’m quite home until I visit the studio and see all the amazing teachers, office staff, and students who I grew up with. DAU gave me an outlet to escape the outside world to focus on myself not only as a dancer but as a person. I truly believe that DAU kept me grounded and instilled essential qualities that are imperative for children: dedication, hard-work, honesty, respect. Everyone at DAU truly loves being there and works tirelessly to create a positive experience for everyone. What makes Dance Academy USA so unique is that even though it is a large studio, there is such a family feel and such an attention to detail. I thank everyone at DAU who helped me grow through my childhood and teenage years, and now I am glad I can give back to this incredible place as an adult

Jamie C.

I Will Always Call Dance Academy USA My Second Home

I always tell people that I basically grew up at DAU, having spent fifteen years dancing here. DAU saw me grow from a timid three-year-old in Miss Andrea’s class in 1996 to a dedicated competition girl to a graduating senior in 2011. I truly believe that the teachers, especially Jane and Kiersten, had a hand in shaping who I am today. They were always warm and encouraging, but they also pushed me hard to reach my full potential. All my fondest childhood memories revolve around dance and the times I spent with my teammates – from going on pointe for the first time to fogging up the studio windows with sweat and finally claiming the senior dressing room at recital. Although DAU has grown to be a large studio, the quality of teachers, staff, and facilities has never wavered. I’m so proud of the amazing studio DAU continues to be and so grateful for the memories my time here left me with. I will always call Dance Academy USA my second home, and a trip home from USC is never complete without stopping by to say hello.

Ashley S.

The Competition Team Is Amazing

Although my daughter has been dancing for 10 years, she has only been at DAU for 2 years. We should have made the switch from her previous studio to this one a long time ago. She LOVES it here and has made so many friends. She takes as many classes as she can because she has so much fun and there are so many opportunities to learn new styles. We actually live quite a ways away — 30 min drive each way — but we continue to take lessons here. My daughter takes ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, musical theatre, and more. The nice thing about DAU is that they put you in classes according to your level and not just according to your age. (At her previous studio, she was in a group with kids her own age and kept moving up with them even though the kids were different levels. This was hard for her because she was progressing at a different rate than the others.) My daughter has learned so much since coming to DAU and never would have got this level of teaching from another studio. They bring in guest teachers and choreographers to keep things fresh and make sure they’re following the latest industry trends. The competition team is amazing and my daughter is so proud to be on it. It is kind of like the TV show Dance Moms except the DAU studio director (Miss Jane) is totally nice and would never yell at anyone, much less a child, and the other moms are nice, too. There’s no fighting here at all. It’s similar in that the girls are learning the same types of dance and go to the same types of conventions and competitions. The DAU office staff is very polite and well organized. We couldn’t ask for a better studio!

Julie M.

We Love DAU

DAU is the new home for our daughter, Ceci pursuing her dream to be a dancer. Our daughter Ceci joined Dance Academy USA production company directly last year. It’s such a wonderful experience for Ceci. From day one she knew nobody there till now she made so many good friends and learnt a lot of amazing dance skills. We are greatly impressed by how organized the school is, personal care from all wonderful staff, systematic classes offering, and great professional instruction for all level dancers. DAU is the best dance school for dance talents and all levels. Ceci really enjoys everyday’s life at DAU. She makes good friends and her effort is being recognized. Now DAU is a another home for us. Ceci can’t wait to be there all the time. We love DAU!!

Wensheng S.

I’ve Improved a Lot

This is my first year at DAU, and I absolutely love it. The competition teams are simply amazing, and the teachers are professional and fun. Jane Carter herself even took the time to get to know me! I’ve improved a lot.

The conventions and competitions are so much fun! The studio is also very organized.

Thanks, DAU!


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