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Who is it for?

  • For anyone who wants to learn to dance!
  • Dancers looking to add additional training from home with technique and choreography classes.
  • Adult/Parent looking to get some exercise but can’t get find the time to get to the gym.
  • All levels. The classes are perfect for someone new to dance or a dancer that wants to fine-tune their skills. (We’re currently offering three levels: New to Dance, Level 1, Level 2)
  • For complete novices too. We built this program so that everyone can dance, exercise, and have fun.


  • You don’t need any prior dance experience
  • A computer, phone, or a tablet with internet connection
  • Some free space in front of it

The trouble with online dance lessons is...

The majority of kids learning to dance online will give up within the first two weeks.
There are three main reasons why they quit:

They can't follow the instructions.

It's too hard or unclear for them.

No actual learning is happening, only idle observation.

Usually, there's no real teaching taking place, only "watch and try to do the same", which is not the way to teach and to keep things interesting.

They get bored.

The exercises are not fun, or they are fun at the beginning but very repetitive after the first few lessons.

Dance Academy On-Demand program has been specifically designed to overcome these major barriers and take the kids' dance skills to the next level, while being fun and engaging.
Our teachers in action (0.59)

What’s different about Dance Academy USA On-Demand?

  • • DAU On-Demand is unique because we’ve created a dance program to give you the in-class experience from the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • • Our program includes everything you would get as if you were in the studio, including warm-ups, technique training, choreography, cool down, and encouragement from our staff!
  • • You get access to the entire library of over 265 classes.

Classes for every level & style of dance

Learn the moves, technique training, and choreography in a variety of styles:

  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz/Pom
  • Dance Fitness

About Us

Dance Academy USA is considered one of the top studios in the country. We do not believe we are the best because we are the biggest, we are the biggest because of our loving culture of family, friends, and inclusion.

Now, we bring this same attitude and values to our online lessons.

Our dance expertise, as a staff of over 60 amazing people, has been recognized by Dance Teacher Magazine as one of the best in the nation. In 2014, the Dance Teacher Magazine Board awarded Dance Academy USA and Ms. Jane Carter the most high ranking coveted dance award in America in the Private Studio category. This is called the Capezio Ace Award and there is no higher honor in the dance education industry.

As a staff, we like to believe that we are playing a small role in helping young children become strong, resilient, and independent adults. Through dance.

Our World-Class Teachers


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Ms. Marcie

Marcie, a Silicon Valley native, discovered her passion for dance at age seven when she enrolled in her first ballet class - she truly felt at home in the studio. She enjoyed making new friends, learning technique, and most of all loved the feeling of camaraderie as her class worked on their recital routine. Marcie continued her study of dance in the disciplines of ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and ballroom for twelve years. Her love of the performing arts led her to audition for her first musical theater production at the age of fourteen, and from that point on she couldn't shake the theater bug. Over a series of twelve years Marcie starred in countless theatrical productions throughout Northern California and Massachusetts. Her favorite roles included Gladys in Pajama Game, Bonnie in Anything Goes, Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods, and Kristine in A Chorus Line. She married a fellow musician and actor, Steve Shapiro, and the two of them enjoyed performing together as well as teaming up to choreograph and music direct local community theater. Marcie's studies led her to a professional career in bio-tech and hi-tech where she exercised her skills in marketing communications and public speaking. Her comfort level with delivering corporate presentations stemmed directly from her years of experience in the performing arts. After she and Steve became parents to two little girls, Marcie decided to leave her corporate life and volunteer her time in her daughters' classrooms where she found true joy working with young kids. And now, having the opportunity to combine her love of children with her passion for the performing arts is a dream come true. She is absolutely thrilled to "return home" to the studio and teach the young students of DAU. With all her life experiences, Marcie understands that her time with students is not just about dance. Studio time is also about discovering an inner confidence, one that will allow her students to shine and be the best they can be in their life ahead. Helping children develop that inner confidence is just about the most rewarding job Marcie can imagine.


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Mr. Grant

Grant Torino born and raised in San Jose, has been dancing as long as he can remember. He started his formal training at age 16 after auditioning and being selected for a dance team, Future Shock SJ under the Culture Shock branch based out of Oakland, CA. He has been training ever since, further developing his passion for hip hop, street style, and various styles in choreography. He has showcased and competed on teams such as Future Shock SJ, Versatile Styles, Funkanometry SF, Gen Two, The Company, and many more. He currently dances with The Tribe Dance Company. He has performed in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Irvine and all over the Bay Area. Grant has been teaching for nine years now, four of which have been at DAU, and loves helping students cultivate a passion for learning and appreciation of dance.


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Ms. Gabby

Gabriella Bruno (Ms. Gabby) is a proud Bay Area native, professional dancer, choreographer, performer, and educator. She has studied all genres of dance including tap, jazz, ballet, modern, hip-hop, contemporary, world dance, and musical theater. Her dance career and training have taken her to LA and NYC, but her heart has always been in NorCal. Gabriella received her BFA in Dance Performance from Chapman University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a minor in English in 2014. Since graduating she has performed in various highly-acclaimed venues in both Northern and Southern California as well as throughout New York City. She has been an integral member and performer of companies like Tap Overload, abunDANCE, and Psychosomatic Dance, to name a few. She also had the honor of being a principle dancer in Keomi Tarver's hit 5-woman production of, Love and War, which debuted as a sold out show in NYC in 2016. Gabriella also directed and choreographed for her own dance collective, SHIFT, which gained a lot of traction for their pieces about social issues, more specifically mental health awareness. Gabriella was able to debut her choreography for many popular performance venues throughout well-known dance circuits and venues Brooklyn and Manhattan. Gabriella is honored to be Tap Director, along with the many other 'hats' she wears at DAU. She looks forward to having fun creating movement, rhythms, and growing our incredible dance family even more!


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Ms. Jessie

Jessie Carter is born and bred Dance Academy USA and is technically the very first student (baby) of the business starting in 1990. She was a USC Song Girl, NFL Charger Girl, and NBA Clipper Girl. Among cheerleading circles at USC, she is affectionately referred to as, The Legend, for her participation on all three of those iconic teams. After retiring from the Chargers and Clippers, she was the demonstration-dancer for cheerleading tryouts in both organizations. As an actress, her credits include Taylor’d Problems, The Crazy Ones, Movie Star Idol, Campus Security, Player and Wifey, Stuffed, and Kris. And she worked in a commercial with Paris Hilton and was also a Sports Reporter for USC. As an instructor and director: she ran numerous camps for United Spirit Association; was the Director of a high school dance team in Los Angeles; was a certified instructor for yoga, spin and body sculpting; has been teaching at Dance Academy USA on-off for over fifteen years; and is currently on the Production Company Staff. As her day job, she is currently one of the top EMC/Dell enterprise sales representatives in the country. Jessie has been a strong advocate for young woman to entire the technology industry, particularly in sales, and encouraging those young woman not to be intimidated. She took the initiate to film two videos on that topic. In parallel, she filmed a tutorial for EMC/Dell that has had over 15,000 views. Those messages can be seen here, Jessie’s heart and soul is with DAU, and the students and staff of DAU. She is excited to be joining the On-Demand Faculty and looks forward to connecting and positively impacting many young lives through our On-Demand classes. Teaching dance to children is Jessie’s way of giving back.

Ready to start?


Register for Dance Academy USA On-Demand. It's $78 per month per family,
billed on the first of every month.


Get access to the entire On-Demand Library.


Find the style and type of class you're most interested in and start learning!
More classes are added each week.

Over 100,000 taught since 1990!

Here’s what parents have to say about
Dance Academy USA On-Demand

She tried a class last night and already loves it. I’m so happy to have found your studio (yay google!) during these crazy times. We couldn’t imagine a year without dance but just weren’t comfortable in person. You have offered a perfect solution. I have it all set up and bookmarked on Ava’s computer so she can dance after she finishes her virtual school day every day.

Dawn. B - New Jersey

I signed my nieces up for On-Demand and they are loving it!! They watch all the classes and keep telling me they can’t wait to show me their dance moves. They are 5 and 9 so there is something for both of them and they are having so much fun!! They live in a small town with only 1 small dance studio that wouldn’t even return my phone calls. So glad I found you!

Christine M - Sutter Creek

Dance Academy’s on Demand Program has given my son an excellent opportunity to work on his craft and improve his dancing skills from the safety of our home. The teachers are energetic and engaging, encouraging students every step of the way. The class selection is immense and provides dancers the ability to take classes when convenient. The DAU On Demand has been money well spent.

Sabrina - Santa Clara

We’re so glad and thankful DAU is offering On-Demand classes! This gives our kids the chance to still be connected with DAU even when we are living in Germany.

Katrin W. - Germany

FAQs - Honest answers to the most common questions

What are On-Demand dance classes?
Is this really an effective way to learn to dance?
In terms of safety and security, is there any sharing of screens?
I have never danced before, is that okay?
What are the benefits of these classes?
What does the membership include?
Is any special equipment required?

Ready to start?


Register for Dance Academy USA On-Demand. It's $78 per month per family,
billed on the first of every month.


Get access to the entire On-Demand Library.


Find the style and type of class you're most interested in and start learning!
More classes are added each week.

Over 100,000 taught since 1990!
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