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Gymnastics 1: This class will focus on building strength, flexibility, balance and control. Skills will include basic tumbling, bar, beam, vault and tumble track to help develop physical strength and confidence.

Gymnastics 2: This level will build on the skills from Gymnastics 1 at a more advanced level.

Tumbling 1: Students will focus on building strength, flexibility, balance, control and coordination. They will learn basic tumbling skills on the floor, tumble track and vault. (Bars and beam are not focused on.)

Tumbling 2: Students will build upon skills from Tumbling 1 at a more advanced level.

Students are expected to have forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, back bend (no spot), headstands and proper technique for handstands.

Acro for Dance: This class will focus on balance, strength, agility, coordination, flexibility and some partner work. They will learn basic floor work, use the tumble track and emphasis will be placed on proper progressions to build up to more advanced tricks.