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Class Leveling Information

Leveling is DAU’s systemic way of ensuring your child receives the best possible dance education with us. Each year, at the end of February, all of our directors and teachers will assess each student in their classes. This assessment determines the level of DAU dance class each student can take, for any given style of dance.

In our leveling system, students begin at Level 1 as beginners and can work their way up to a Level 4, our highest level. Our system is NOT like grade school where students automatically move up each year. Students move up based on their application & execution of curriculum, performance, and technique in class. We want to ensure each dancer has mastered the skills required in that particular level before moving to the next level.

Many of our students remain in a particular level for several years. For instance, after Level 1 would be a Level 1B, followed by 1C, before reaching Level 2. Even then, some students will stay in a Level 1 for a few years before getting bumped up to a 1B. As an organization, we trust in the opinions and assessments made by our Directors and Teachers as professionals during the leveling process. There is no re-leveling based off parent/student opinion. Any questions or concerns about the leveling process MUST be addressed through the office, not with any teacher.

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