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Children’s Mentorship & Leadership Programs

We commonly think of a leader as someone that leads a sports team or business. But we all lead at various times in our lives. We lead groups, discussions, our families, businesses, our friends, our colleagues, and more. The components of leadership can be found in almost every aspect of life.

At Dance Academy USA, we offer the following leadership programs to help kids grow as leaders.

Leadership at DAU
Teacher Assistant Leadership Program (TA)

Teacher Assistant Leadership Program (TA) – this program has been in place at Dance Academy USA for over twenty years, and currently includes approximately eighty students. This program is co-lead by Ms. Jane and Ms. Gabby. There is a phrase that goes like this, “To master a skill, we must see it done, then do it, then teach it.” This program allows students to complete this circle by leading and teaching others.


Our TAs learn many lessons in this program. For example, let’s review just one topic, The Mood of a Group. The mood of a group is contagious. So goes the leader so goes the troops. There may be days when an instructor could ask a TA to warm-up the class while he/she takes roll. As a young fourteen year old TA starts to lead a group of nine year olds, the TA must pay attention to everything: their own energy level; attitude of the group that day; their own body-language; lesson plan for the warm-up; focus level of the group. Everyone is watching. The students are all watching and following the TA. And, that TA is leading – in every sense of the word. In this case, the TA is learning that there is no faking it when you are leading; your students will see through it in seconds; you have to be on your game, all in, when you are leading. Leaders transmit their mood to their students and TAs learn quickly to develop the skills to, 1) Take a mental check of their own attitude at that moment, and 2) Adjust their own mood so that they can affect the group in a positive manner.

Again, approximately eighty students are part of this leadership program, and the program is proprietary to Dance Academy USA

Student-Intern Leadership Program

This program is designed for high-school students that would like to learn more about business leadership, within a small family business setting. These are paid internships. Students learn how to work with customers, online bill pay, some accounting, some advertising, business operations, and office functions such as phone, copy, fax, some sales and some strategic thinking. Our interns learn how to work as a team and pursue a goal, and at times, lead people and tasks within the office

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