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Hip Hop Classes near San Jose

Hip-Hop dancing is an energetic, popular dance style that involves whole body movement and is about self-expression. Hip Hop comes in many styles and forms and is about strength, endurance, and movement quality. Hip Hop tells a narrative story through musicality and intricate gestures. Students will learn about movement dynamics, be introduced to floor work and footwork, and understand how culture and community affect art and dance. We offer several different kinds of Hip Hop, including Girly Hip Hop, Contemporary Hip Hop, and eve Pop and Lock.

Contemporary Hip Hop infuses the styles of hip-hop foundations, grooves, and footwork with modern/contemporary movement, performance, and innovation. Students will learn to be comfortable with their individuality by learning fun and interactive Contemporary Hip Hop routines, drills, and activities that will explore both physical movements and expressive story-telling

Girly Hip Hop is a take on Commercial Hip Hop dance. Dancers will learn to move with a feminine flare and develop their own personal style. Students will focus on how their energy and performance quality dictates movement.

In Pop, Lock, & Breaking, students will be introduced and learn the original dance styles of Hip Hop (Popping, Locking, and Breaking) and it’s influence in today’s dance.  Mr. Neil, our resident Pop & Lock teacher, will drill best practices from popping, locking, and breaking from each of these styles show the evolution and influence into other styles leaning into personal creativity and individuality, such as ways and styles to stop, wave, level and direction changes, interpretation of music, combos, and freestyle.


2019-20 Hip Hop Classes




Start Time




009-Hip Hop 1B (9-12) Hip Hop Monday 5:30 PM 1:00 MG B
017-Hip Hop 1B (12+) Hip Hop Monday 7:30 PM 1:00 MJL C
018 Hip Hop 1 (11+) Hip Hop Monday 8:30 PM 1:00 MJL C
019-Hip Hop 1 (7-10) Hip Hop Monday 3:30 PM 1:00 MG D
022-Hip Hop 3/4 (13+) Hip Hop Monday 6:30 PM 1:00 JP D
025-Pre Hip Hop (5-7) Hip Hop Monday 3:30 PM 1:00 MH E
028-Hip Hop 2 (12+) Hip Hop Monday 6:30 PM 1:00 MJL E
059-Hip Hop 2B (10-13) Hip Hop Tuesday 6:30 PM 1:00 BU C
060-Hip Hop 2 (12+) Hip Hop Tuesday 7:30 PM 1:00 BU C
063-Hip Hop 1 (7-10) Hip Hop Tuesday 3:30 PM 1:00 GT D
064-Hip Hop 1B (9-12) Hip Hop Tuesday 4:30 PM 1:00 GT D
075-Pock and Lock (9-12) Hip Hop Tuesday 7:30 PM 1:00 NC E
076-Pop and Lock (12+) Hip Hop Tuesday 8:30 PM 1:00 NC E
093-Hip Hop 1B (12+) Hip Hop Wednesday 7:30 PM 1:00 KT A
102-Hip Hop 1 (7-10) Hip Hop Wednesday 3:30 PM 1:00 AC C
103-Hip Hop 1B (8-11) Hip Hop Wednesday 4:30 PM 1:00 AC C
104-Pre Hip Hop (5-7) Hip Hop Wednesday 5:30 PM 1:00 AC C
105-Hip Hop 2 (11+) Hip Hop Wednesday 6:30 PM 1:00 MJL C
106-Break Dance 1 (10+) Hip Hop Wednesday 7:30 PM 1:00 AV C
107-Break Dance 2 (10+) Hip Hop Wednesday 8:30 PM 1:00 AV C
116-Hip Hop 1 (10-13) Hip Hop Wednesday 5:30 PM 1:00 MJL E

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