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Ballet Classes

Ballet is relatively well-known as the first standardized form of dancing, and it’s only gotten better with time. Ballet classes for kids offer a wide range of benefits beyond just learning how to dance. It’s an art form that teaches a host of physical, mental, and emotional skills perfect for children of all ages. If you’re looking for the best ballet classes near San Jose, CA, you’ve come to the right place.

Ballet 2

Starting your child in ballet when they’re young can teach them an early appreciation for dance and art forms, but it can also encourage key qualities and skills you want your little one to know. Ballet classes for kids offer several physical benefits, such as the development of muscles, better balance and coordination, and honed motor skills. Classes also keep them active and teach them from a young age that staying active is an important part of being healthy. Taking ballet classes teaches important personality qualities, as well, such as patience, discipline, and learning to follow instructions.

Ballet Dancers

Dance Academy USA offers many different ballet classes for kids of different ages. Most of our ballet classes are an hour, with some of our advanced classes going for an hour and a half, so they’re easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules. All of Dance Academy USA’s classes are grouped by age range and by experience level, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your child.

2020-2021 Ballet Dance Classes:
Name Type Day Start Time Length Instructor Location
029-Ballet 1 (7-10) Ballet Monday 3:30 PM 1:00 JA F
030-Ballet 1B (8-11) Ballet Monday 4:30 PM 1:00 JA F
032-Ballet 1B (10+) Ballet Monday 6:30 PM 1:00 JH F
033-Ballet 1C (11+) Ballet Monday 7:30 PM 1:00 MA F
034-Ballet 1 (10+) Ballet Monday 8:30 PM 1:00 MA F
069-Ballet 1 (8-11) Ballet Tuesday 3:30 PM 1:00 MA F
070-Ballet 1C/2 (10-13) Ballet Tuesday 4:30 PM 1:00 MA F
072-Ballet 2 (11+) Ballet Tuesday 6:30 PM 1:00 NY F
073-Ballet 1B (11+) Ballet Tuesday 7:30 PM 1:00 NY F
074-Ballet 1C (11+) Ballet Tuesday 8:30 PM 1:00 NY F
112-Ballet 1B (9-12) Ballet Wednesday 4:30 PM 1:00 JA F
113-Ballet 2B (12+) Ballet Wednesday 5:30 PM 1:00 JA F
114-Ballet 1B (11+) Ballet Wednesday 6:30 PM 1:00 SC F
151-Ballet 1B (8-11) Ballet Thursday 4:30 PM 1:00 EH F
126-Ballet 2B-3B (15+) Ballet Thursday 6:30 PM 1:00 SC A
153-Ballet 4 (15+) Ballet Thursday 6:30 PM 1:00 NY F
127-Ballet 1C/2 (12+) Ballet Thursday 7:30 PM 1:00 SC A
154-Ballet 2B (12+) Ballet Thursday 7:30 PM 1:00 NY F
155-Ballet 2B/3 (14+) Ballet Thursday 8:30 PM 1:00 NY F
178-Ballet 1B (9+) Ballet Friday 3:30 PM 1:00 DG F
204-Ballet 1 (8+) Ballet Saturday 9:30 AM 1:00 DG F

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