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Dance Academy USA’s Dance Classes

Is your child active and in need of something fun to keep them busy? Is your teen competitive and wanting to try a new skill or gear up for a competition? Dance Academy USA can help your child, no matter their age, have fun and learn new skills while building their confidence. Dance lessons are a great way to let your younger kids be active, take part in a group activity, and have fun while gaining better coordination and motor control. For your teens or preteens, dancing is a fantastic way to let them express themselves, stay active, socialize, and have a good time. We offer over 220 different classes and several different dance styles, so there’s bound to be something every one of your children will love.

Dance Classes

Looking for something traditional for your kids to get involved in? We teach the classics at Dance Academy USA, offering dance lessons in tapjazzballet, and pointe. These are some of the most commonly sought-after dance classes for kids even today, and they teach children of any age, body control, patience, discipline, and perseverance. Ballet dance lessons create a solid foundation that’s essential for learning other forms of dance. Additionally, jazz and tap dance lessons each have their own qualities that they foster, such as strength, balance, and coordination. Whether you want your child to have an extracurricular activity or your teen wants to learn how to dance for an upcoming event, our traditional and classic dance lessons are an excellent way to let them have a great time while learning important skills that can be applied elsewhere in their lives.


The foundation of other dance disciplines that helps students develop grace, posture, body alignment, and artistry. Available for children aged 7 and up.


An audible art form in which dancers create sounds with their feet. Dancers will focus on rhythm, timing, and proper tap technique. Available for children aged 7 and up, students will gain an understanding of the music while learning to control their bodies.


A fun, high energy dance form that develops technique, rhythm, and style. Available for children aged 7 and up, jazz dance lessons will help dancers build strength, flexibility, and body awareness.


A more in-depth study of the principles of classical ballet. Available for children aged 11 and up, pointe dance lessons focuses on barre work, foot/ankle strengthening, and performance styles.

Dance Classes near San Jose

If your little one or teenager is interested in learning modern dances, Dance Academy USA has lots of options to get them moving. Modern dances are an innovative way for your children to connect to today’s world through movement, and our dance lessons are family-friendly while involving fresh, new moves your teenager or younger child will love. Watch them master the art of dance with some of our most popular dance lessons, such as:


A fun class that incorporates footwork, power moves, freezes, and popping and locking. This class is available for children aged 10 and up and is a good way for kids to gain better coordination, strength, agility, rhythm and style. Breakdance is influenced by Latin/African dance, gymnastics, and martial arts.

Creative Dance

This exciting first dance class for children at 2.5 years of age encourages an early interest in dance. Creative dance lessons introduce ballet and tap while fostering group work, developing coordination, and inspiring creativity. From ballet to acrobatics, your little one will have so much fun while learning motor skills while socializing with children their own age. Click here to see the schedule of classes.

Hip-Hop Dance

Originating from street dancing, Hip Hop incorporates the hottest new dances with explosive movement and freestyling. Dance Academy USA offers multiple types of hip hop classes which are available starting at age 5. Hip Hop will help your children build strength, agility, musicality, and style.

Lyrical/Contemporary Dance

Lyrical/Contemporary dance lessons fuse the technical foundations of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz into a class that teaches children to interpret lyrics and tell a story with their dance moves. Available for kids aged 9 and up, lyrical/contemporary dance will explore improvisation, dance composition, and musical interpretation.

Let Your Kids Dance Their Way to Happiness

Whatever you and your child decide to pursue, dancing is an art form that incorporates a good time with physical training and discipline. Dance Academy USA also offers dance lessons for beginners, like Intro to Dance for the little ones, and jazz for adults. Click here to go to the registration page for first-time clients, or click here to log in and register for a new class.


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