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Experience Teamwork

A team opportunity may not be a priority for a new dancer, but nice to know the details thereof nonetheless in the event a dancer would like to make dance a larger part of their lives in the future.

group of dancers posing on stage

Opportunities for Dancers

80% of DAU dancers are interested in taking one or two classes weekly, learning new skills, having fun and making new friends.  20% of our dancers are interested in investing more time in dance and making dance their #1 or #2 activity outside of their school work.  We have two opportunities for those students, 1) The Competition Team, 2) The Performing Team.  The competition team (we call it the Production Company) is an audition-based team that competes against some of the best teams in the nation and the Performing Team is a no-cut team that performs at fun venues in the community such as Great America, Santana Row, and others.

Competition Team History

Dance Academy USA’s COMPETITION TEAM was established in 1991, a year after the opening of the studio. Jane Carter’s vision was not just to have a competition team, but provide much more for the dancers than dance. This is why the dance team is named “Production Company,” because it is not just about dance. Her goal was to create an atmosphere where dancers are able to be challenged, receiving the best technique in a nurturing and loving environment. Coming from a father who was a 3-war vet in the military, she feels hard work, discipline, respect, and teamwork creates success in and out of the dance studio.

You may hear Jane yell out “A Ten Hut” followed by “At Ease” – – – to get the attention of all 200 team members. To this day, it is never about the First Place Awards, but how each dancer is improving and working together as a team. From the beginning, Ms Jane’s philosophy has been to integrate all competition team members with the recreation program. This type of “blending” produces great dancers across the board and a culture of “team” throughout the entire dance studio.

Performance Team History

The DAU PERFORMING TEAM – a similar name to our Production Company. The Performance Team is a team of dancers traveling the community to perform at venues such as Great America, Santana Row, and Christmas in the Park. This is a great way to be part of a team experience without the rigors of a tryout – or – the financial demands and time requirements of the Competition Team. In our opinion, it’s very important for kids today to be a part of a team and the opportunities to do so are fewer and fewer.

It’s quite ridiculous really, a child almost needs to start playing soccer at age 2 to make the high school soccer team. We are happy to provide this opportunity to kids without the insane demands that are typically placed on children (if they want to be a part of a team). We are really excited about what this team does for kids. If this is something your dancer is interested in – please contact the office.

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