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Dance Academy USA Production Company

In 1991, one year after opening Dance Academy USA, Jane Carter recognized a desire in several of her students for a more challenging and fast-paced learning environment and for more performance opportunities. After much thought about what she would want from and for these dancers, she created Dance Academy USA Production Company (DAUPC). She knew right away that she did not want to separate these elite dancers from the recreational kids who took fewer hours. She wanted all kids to be in class together, raising the level of the rec classes and keeping the PC kids grounded in basic technique. Our DAUPC has since evolved into an accelerated training program for dancers that are willing to give a high level of commitment to the studio and to their craft. We are a nationally ranked team who consistently scores in the top 10 at the most elite competitions to travel the country.

production company


Dancers audition every year in April or May, regardless if they were on a team the year before. At auditions, they are informed of the kind of commitment we expect from them. Our PC dancers commit to at least 4 hours a week of technique (many of them taking up to 12 or 13) and Production Company classes. They attend 4-7 competitions and two conventions a year, receiving varied training from Master Teachers such as Mia Michaels, Sonia Tayeh, and Travis Wahl.


In return, they rapidly develop technique and style that takes recreational dancers years to attain. And, as a reward for the amount of time spent dancing together, they develop strong bonds of friendship with the fellow dancers on their team. They become like a little family. We are very proud of their technique and their performance ability, of their self-confidence and poise, but it is their love for one another that we are proud of most of all.

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