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DAU Offers the Best Staff in Northern California!

With over 40 instructors, we are well staffed to nurture the proper growth and development of our students. Our teachers come to DAU from all over the country– Pennsylvania, Utah, Michigan, Chicago, New York and Alaska (to name a few) – to give our students the best dance education in the area. A few are even internationally trained in the UK, Russia, and China. Our large staff offers our student-body lots of amazing options under one roof and as a result, they receive a well-rounded education and learn life skills that can be applied outside of the dance studio. Behind the scenes, our management and directors are the best in the business – day in and day out they ensure that dancers are getting the most out of their classes, families stay informed and that our business runs smoothly.

Dance Practice

DAU has over 50 employees on staff. We have always believed that is it important to introduce a student to as many teachers as possible. If a dancer is learning from only 1, 2 or 5 instructors, their experience will be limited and development diminished. At its very core, dance is an athletic art form. As such, each dancer/instructor will have a slightly different interpretation of expression – an opinion of sorts. It’s important that a young dancer learn in an environment that is structured but open to ideas of individual expression and creativity. This can only happen within a dance studio that offers many options of learning – 20 to 50 instructors. One size doesn’t fit all.

Full-Time Management and Office Team

Dance Academy USA is the only dance school in California that offers a seasoned full-time Management Team. This is a veteran group! On average our Management Team has been working professionals for 21 years. It would be a rare occurrence if you were not able to get someone on the phone at DAU. You can always pop-by the office as well. Normally we have 3-10 people working in the office depending on the day and what is going on at the time. In addition to our full-time Management Team, we have our Super Star Interns Team!

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