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Dance Academy Show Times & Dates

Dance Academy USA’s 2020 Recital

2020 Recital – is ON.

Get ready to grab your popcorn – and watch roughly 9 hours of recital marathon.  From the comfort of your home.

Little Girls Dancing

Our dancers will send – in their routines to a drop box and we will edit it into one SPECTACULAR video.

Speaking of a keep-sake…

When our students tell their grandchildren – about the Covid-19 pandemic.  This will be their visual aid.  Your Dance Academy USA recital video from 2020 will help tell the story.  Pretty cool.

Everyone will get the full video – for FREE.  Everything will be FREE.  No costs.

Ms. Kim will be open for business – in the DAU office (safely) and will distribute any misc. costumes that came in after March 1.

The tentative date to Broadcast the Event – is June 27.  But this may change based on how our video editing team develops.  We are doing this in-house because we want to retain the DAU culture on the video.

The last day of the 19-20 season – will be Saturday, June 20.

From now until then – teachers will be 100% focused on helping dancers put-on the performance of a lifetime.

It’s going to be fun – because we are going to make it fun.  And create a story to tell for the rest of your life.  And a video to help you tell that story.

A keep sake to document this moment in history.

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