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Frequently Asked Questions

What are On-Demand dance classes?
These are 30-minute customized dance classes all about fun, fitness, and growing strong through dance.

Are these in person classes?
The student will take the class in the comfort, safety and privacy of their own home.

Who is sponsoring these classes?
Dance Academy USA – who is the largest dance school under one roof in California and a 30 year old parent trusted brand.

In terms of safety and security, is there any sharing of screens?
No.  We worked long and hard to build a product that is child safe.  The student can see the instructor, but no one, including the instructor, can see the student.  Completely safe and secure.

What is the genre of these classes?
Right now we offer Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Jazz/Pom, and Dance Fitness.  And more to come.

Why are you calling it On-Demand?
To avoid technical challenges associated with live filming, these classes are pre-recorded right before release and therefore more accurately defined as, On-Demand.

Who are they for?
In many cases, we know the entire family is taking these classes together, but the curriculum is designed for mostly boys and girls ages 7 to 18.

Are these classes for beginner, intermediate or advanced?
We have classes and levels for everyone! Our On-Demand Classes are perfect for someone new to dance or a dancer that wants to fine-tune their skills. Right now we are currently offering three levels: New to Dance, Level 1, and Level 2.

My child has never danced before, is that okay?
Yes.  We built this program so that every child can dance, exercise, and have fun regardless of their dance experience and-or God-given athleticism.

What are the benefits of these classes?
Increased stamina, fitness, posture, physical strength, perseverance, mood, athleticism, coordination, range of motion, and creativity.  And most importantly, self-confidence that can only come from skill development.  Again, all product created and proctored by a thirty year old parent-trusted company.

How much does is cost?
$80 per month per family.

Is that for one class or all the classes?
That’s for access to all of our classes. Unlimited.

How many classes weekly?
We typically release anywhere between 6-14 brand new videos weekly and have plans to expand that number.

As you add classes, are you going to charge me more money?
No.  We will continue to offer you more and more product at the same low monthly rate of $80 per month per family.

How can you afford to do that?
We are not limited to, for instance, 10 students in a classroom.  So it will work for us financially.

Is this just one month or on-going?
This is an on-going recurring program.

What time and day are these classes?
You/your child may access the library at anytime and take the class at your convenience. We typically release a new video into the library each day by noon PST.

How do I access the class?
Once registered, you can access our on-demand library at anytime here and take classes anywhere, anytime, at your convenience. Each week we will also email you a list of all of the new classes that were released that week.

Who are the teachers?
Trusted Dance Academy USA faculty.

Who is the Director of this program?
Jane Carter – who is regarded by Dance Teacher Magazine as the top instructor in the nation in 2014.  There is no higher honor in the dance education industry.

How do I sign-up?
Create an account here, And then navigate to, On-Demand Classes.

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