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by the #1 dance studio in the country 

What is it and how much does it cost? These are 30 minute customized dance classes that are filmed and released weekly and our entire library is only $80 per month per family.

Does my child need dance experience?
No. We have carefully designed this product so that it is friendly and loving to children who are New to Dance, which is the name of the class. And since you will be buying our entire library, your child can challenge themselves with a level 1 when they are ready.

I am an advanced dancer will you have classes for me?
Yes. Our company has been in business for 30 years and we have one of the top competition teams in the country, and an elite faculty. Right now our highest level is a 2, however we will be adding a 3 shortly

What dance genres are you offering?
To date, we have installed Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz-Pom, and Dance Fitness. Tap and other genres are coming shortly, and again, our entire library is only $80 per month per family.

Can I talk with someone about this program before I sign up?
Yes. Please call 408-257-3211 or email Kim at

Thank you for considering our On-Demand Classes. Let’s Go!

Dance Academy USA

…a thirty year old parent trusted company…

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