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Specialized Dance Classes near San Jose

It’s mathematically impossible to offer age and ability specific-classes within a dance school of less than 1000 active students. Think about it for a moment: most dance schools offer Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Pointe, Lyrical, Modern, Combo Classes, Intro Classes, Creative Classes, Street Funk, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, etc.; they offer those classes to children ages three to eighteen in Levels 1 through 5 (in many cases). Do the math. It’s simply mathematically impossible to offer 50, 70, 80 or even 100 classes weekly and ensure they are age specific, ability specific, and subject specific. A strong healthy vibrant growing dance school must offer a minimum of 150 plus classes weekly to ensure classrooms are age & ability specific.

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Personalized Curriculum

Here is another way to look at it. There is a reason why a fifteen-year-old Trigonometry II student takes a class with other fifteen-year-old Trigonometry II students. Could you imagine a fifteen-year-old taking Trigonometry II with a twelve-year-old that has only mastered the basic skills of Algebra? This is exactly what is happening in most dance schools across America. We are not implying other dance schools are intentionally hindering a student’s dance/emotional development – we are however stating that it’s simply a matter of numbers. Most schools simply do not have adequate enrollment (above 1000 students) or classes (above 150) to build a schedule/curriculum that is specialized and specific. It will literally restrict a dancer’s growth if they are not building the proper foundation both athletically and emotionally. And if that happens, it’s almost impossible to catch-up, there is just simply not enough time.

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A Class for Everyone

Why is this so important? It’s important because dance is no different than learning any other skill such as English, Math, Writing, Hitting a Ball, etc. It’s critically important that a student master the skills at each level, of their development. It’s not in a student’s best interest to be promoted before they are ready or before they have earned that promotion. At the same time, it’s important to challenge every student so that they achieve the best possible result. No human being is the same, no dance student is the same – there must be many many options (classes) to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be successful.

Age & Level Specific Curriculum

At DAU, we offer approximately 225 specialized classes per week with an exciting high-energy environment of almost 2000 active students. We are indeed the largest dance school in Northern California and the only one that has the depth and breadth to truly offer an age & level specific curriculum. We feel promotions need to be earned. It’s an important life skill. We believe it’s important to teach young dancers that hard work is a satisfying part of life; that hard work and achievement build confidence. Confidence is the seed that will yield great fruit. But confidence only comes from work hard, repetitions and achievement.

We believe that by promoting kids too early – we are truly stealing some of their personal confidence, we simply won’t do it. Parents who want their children to be promoted on a regular basis usually do not choose DAU. Parents who want their kids to learn the importance of goal-setting, hard-work and that the TEAM comes first – almost always chooses DAU. We work hard to provide an environment that is positive, truthful, fun and built on the foundation of hard work & achievement. This is why we are so diligent on ensuring our classes are age and ability specific. You and your child are in good hands.

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