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Breakdance Classes

For kids looking for an exciting challenge, look no further than Dance Academy USA’s breakdance classes. Based loosely around hip-hop dance, breakdance is an exciting challenge that will allow kids to gain confidence and master amazing skills. At Dance Academy USA in Cupertino, we offer breakdance classes for kids ages 10 and up in the San Jose area, so why not bring your kids for an unforgettable learning experience?

At Dance Academy USA, our breakdance classes are perfect for kids who have never danced and have little to no dance experience. We’ll take you through the history of breakdance, and teach students how to express themselves through breakdance. As one of the more dynamic and entertaining forms of dance, students need to come determined and focused…as well as ready to sweat a lot! But most importantly, kids will have a lot of fun learning new moves and techniques. While no previous skills are required, breakdance can be challenging and we recommend that all students come in with a can-do attitude—it will take you far!

2021-2022 Breakdance Classes:
Name Type Day Start Time Length Instuctor Location
089-Break Dance 1/2 (9+) Break Dance Wednesday 8:30 PM 1:00 NC B

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