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Dance Academy USA Serving the San Jose Area

Dance Academy USA has been serving the Bay Area for 30 years. We are the most experienced and stable dance studio under one roof in the state of California.

Dance Academy Students

28 Years of Experience

Again, Dance Academy USA has been in business for 30 years. We are the largest and most stable dance studio under one roof in the state of California. We have run recitals yearly for 30 years which accounts for over 150 shows. Our systems are tried and true over a 30 year period. There is very little drama inside of DAU because we know from experience the things to do to ensure the focus stays on our dancers. Our culture is second to none and our parents know instinctively (at this point) that they need to support ALL DAU dancers not just their own child. Our staff has been with us on average for 12 years.

Picking the Right Dance Studio

It may be exciting to try a brand new dance studio, but it’s a big risk. Will they make it long term? 90% of all small businesses fail within two years. What happens then? What happens to your child that has just spent two to three years training at a studio that is now out of business? Is the new owner stable, emotionally and financially? Do they have experience in this business? Does the owner have experience in specifically dance and/or in the Children’s Activity Center Industry? Does the owner have a good reputation in the community? Does the new owner have a good reputation in specifically the dance industry (because if they don’t they won’t be able to attract TOP teachers). Sure, the owner may hire some good people to fill in the gaps, but when push comes to shove – does the leader really know this business (and know how to take care of your child)? Some important and fair questions to ask we believe.

It takes time. There is no other way to say it other than that. A new business has to figure out: finances, staff, payroll, accounting, technology, website, curriculum, directors, management, scheduling, competition team, marketing, facility build-out, advertising, employee procedures, staff meetings, strategic planning, tax issues and on and on. A new studio can’t possibly be doing all these things well and able to focus in the classroom. It takes time to stabilize and work out the kinks. In the meantime, the students that are enrolled become the testing-ground for the business. Most business analysts say it will take up five years before a business even remotely becomes stable. Based on experience, we believe this is conservative.

You and Your Dancer Are in Good Hands

We are rock-solid financially. Our Competition Team is the largest in the nation, and, top five nationally year in year out. Our facilities are top-notch and we have a full-time maintenance crew to ensure there is no neglect. We have Curriculum leaders in place that focus on each genre. Our customer base is solid and growing. Our ownership team remains the same for 28 years. Our culture and environment is positive. We are here to stay. It’s safe to say the kinks have been worked out after 28 years. There is no start-up risk for you or your dancer when you enroll with Dance Academy USA.

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