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First-Class Customer Service

We are one of the few dance schools in the country that offer a seasoned-full time customer service/management team. This is a veteran group. On average, our customer service team has been working professionals for 22 years. It would be rare if you were not able to get someone on the phone at Dance Academy USA; or, you can always pop-by the office as well. Normally we have a three to five person customer service team working in the office depending on the day and what is going on at the time.

DAU staff

With today’s technology, there is no excuse for under-communicating to customers. Our technology, email updates, communications, videos, website updates, etc. are second to none. But we truly pride ourselves on the personal touch, face to face or over the phone.

Everyone plays an important role for Dance Academy USA to work well. Parents need to 1) Support their own children and other DAU students/parents in a positive way and 2) Pay the bills. Students need to listen to their teachers, work hard and have fun doing so. Instructors need to be constantly honing their skills and have a passion for teaching kids…

…and the Customer Service/Management Team needs to ensure things are relatively smooth for all. Again, it’s not enough to simply say “we have good customer service.” There has to be staff in place to ensure this happens on a daily basis.

DAU customer service team

At Dance Academy USA, we are fortunate that we are one of a handful of dance schools in America that have the size and strength to afford a full time customer service team. We believe this is a win for everyone involved with Dance Academy USA.

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