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Our Dance Class Sizes

The Little Ones

The concern here is primarily with 2-6 year-old-classes. Limited class sizes help our teachers maintain control and improve students learning experience. At Dance Academy USA, we generally like to run these classes with no more than 10 dancers but there may be some instances where we go to 11; so, these classes on average will have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 11. If a dance class for our little ones has fewer students, each child will receive more attention, potentially learn more and have more fun! Cognitive learning and muscle mapping happen at these early stages. We are diligent to ensure these class levels are maintained and that some of our very best teachers are at the helm.

Girl Posing During Dance Routine
Other Age Ranges

Now, onto other age ranges… As an industry, the Children’s Activity Industry, we all like to brag about our student to teacher ratio or our class sizes. However, it’s a fine line…

Consider Energy Level and Talent

A large part of dance is about athleticism, fitness, exercise, sweat, teamwork, friendship and energy. Let’s look at, energy, as an example.  Energy is an intangible. What is energy? How is energy created? Here are a couple of ways: the teacher’s talent; the number of students in the classroom; the commitment of the students; the mood of the classroom that day. Again, back to the advantage of having a large staff to choose from, we have some teachers that like to maintain a Level 7 audible in the classroom and we have some that are at a level 10-plus 24×7.

If it’s one of our Level 10 teachers, they simply cannot get themselves to where they need to be with a class size of 11 to 13 students. This person needs 20 students to fully engage and create the energy & enthusiasm that is right for learning. If the energy is at a very high level, does that improve learning and enjoyment?  We believe the answer is, yes. We can almost guarantee that a group of fourteen-year-olds taking a Jazz II class will have more fun and learn quicker in a classroom of 20 versus a classroom of 12. Again, assuming the teacher is superb.

Finding a Class for You

In summary, we fit the class size to the teacher, the actual size of the classroom, the style of dance and the level of the class. We make very few modifications to class sizes beyond the Creative Dancers; you’ll have to leave that up to our judgment and experience. Finally, our Competition and Performing Teams have completely different requirements and none of the above applies to those students.

Competition and Performing Teams

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