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Some dancers love performing for the pure joy of it. Others want a more challenging, fast-paced learning environment where they can receive recognition for their accomplishments. If you fall into this second group, you may thrive on a competitive dance team.

Dance Academy USA Production Company (DAUPC) is a nationally ranked competition team comprised of talented, dedicated dancers ages 5 to 18. In all, we have 31 teams that compete in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Varied training from Master Teachers ensures some of the best dance instruction available anywhere.

Here are the benefits of joining a competitive dance team this year:

  • Become a true performer: Dance competition teams attend four to seven competitions, two conventions, and numerous other weekend events and activities throughout the year. Frequent performances are tremendously beneficial for learning to manage and overcome pre-stage jitters and develop good stage presence. These skills stay with young dancers for the rest of their lives, which may benefit their future careers.
  • Boost your confidence: Winning—and even losing—is an important part of increasing confidence and self-esteem. Dance competitions help participants learn to control their emotions, whether they win or lose. It also makes them think more objectively about their performances. By asking themselves tough questions—such as What worked? What didn’t? And why?—participants can become the best competitive dancers possible.
  • Learn new dance skills faster: Dancers on competition teams must take weekly ballet, technique, and competition classes, as well as attend mandatory choreography sessions outside of regular class. In exchange for all this extra practice time, competitive dancers develop advanced technique and style that takes recreational dancers years to attain.
  • Make professional connections: Dancers who plan to take their passion for the performing arts to the next level can benefit from networking opportunities at competitions and events. At higher levels, industry insiders may be in attendance, watching for up-and-coming dance stars of the future.
  • Develop strong bonds of friendship: A competition team is like a family. Not only do dancers work well together in rehearsals, but they support one another on and off stage and build friendships that last long after competition season ends.
  • Experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities: Not many people get to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of performing in front of massive crowds at dance competitions and conventions. These are the types of experiences that participants look back on fondly years later.

DAUPC has been going strong since 1991, one year after Dance Academy USA opened, and it’s almost time for next season’s auditions! Audition dates will be announced soon, so prepare for a chance to demonstrate your technique and ability in front of our panel of judges. Be aware that even if you participated in DAUPC last year, you still need to audition for placement next season.

Find the answers to more frequently asked questions before you audition. You can also email the office at, call us at 408-257-3211, or contact us online to request more information.


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