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Every spring, Dance Academy USA holds auditions for our Production Company (DAUPC). Our 31 competition teams provide a challenging, fast-paced setting for passionate dancers to further their skills and build life-long friendships with their teammates.

If you hope to join one of our nationally ranked competition teams, you must be prepared to try out. Audition dates and times will be determined soon, for a chance to demonstrate your technique and ability in front of our panel of judges. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you—follow these tips to ensure a successful audition.

  • Take every practice seriously: As tryouts approach, continue attending your dance classes as usual. Don’t practice any more or less than normal, but take your training seriously so your technique is in peak form on audition day.
  • Get plenty of rest: You want to arrive feeling your best, and that means being well-rested. Focus on getting eight hours of sleep every night, starting at least one week before your audition.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast: A balanced diet is important to fuel your dance activities, especially with tryouts coming up. Eat a good breakfast, drink water throughout the day, and have a snack or light meal about an hour before your audition.
  • Come prepared: Dress appropriately, arrive early to check in, and bring any audition forms or fees with you. You’ll also want a water bottle, snacks, spare bobby pins, and hairspray—just in case.
  • Warm up: It’s important to go into your audition with warmed-up muscles so you can move with maximum flexibility and showcase the full extent of your technique and skill. To achieve this, stretch the way you normally do before dance class.
  • Get in the right mindset: A successful audition relies on being calm, cool, and collected. Take a moment before your audition to do some deep breathing. Remember, your fellow dancers are just as nervous as you are, and they want a place on the team just as badly as you do. If you take a more lighthearted approach to your tryout, you may find that your nerves slip away, allowing you to put your best foot forward.
  • Strive for confidence, not perfection: Combinations are taught very quickly during dance auditions, so stay focused. If you struggle to keep up, remember—the panel isn’t looking for perfection. They want to see how you perform, so strive for big, confident movements. Even if you get something wrong, your self-assurance will work in your favor.

DAUPC competes in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Expect to attend four to seven competitions, two conventions, and numerous other weekend events and activities throughout the year. If you are selected to join the Production Company, you must be fully committed to upholding all the requirements listed in the contract.

If you have questions about auditioning or want to learn more about the Production Company requirements, please contact us online, by phone at 408-257-3211, or via email at


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