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Some dancers thrive on competition. Others enjoy being on stage without as much pressure. Dance Academy USA’s Performance Team is ideal for students who want additional performing opportunities without the rigors of a tryout or the financial demands and time requirements of being on a competition team.

The Performance Team at DAU is a group of dancers who provide community performances at venues such as Great America, Santana Row, and Christmas in the Park. They are exposed to a professional dance experience in a non-competitive environment. Team members are required to take the Performance Team choreography class and a jazz technique class. Dancers are also expected to participate in at least four performances throughout the season, as well as all DAU recital numbers.

Here are some of the benefits of dancing on a performance team:

  • Bring out the best in yourself and your fellow dancers: Being on a performance team requires even more dedication than a regular dance class. You’ll quickly find that you and your teammates motivate and inspire each other to grow and learn at every practice.
  • Learn the true meaning of teamwork: When it comes to learning a routine, it’s not about individual talent—it’s about what the team can accomplish as a whole. This encourages cooperation rather than competition among your dance mates.
  • Improve your dance skills faster: If you’re looking for a way to progress your talents more quickly, consider joining a performance team! The extra practices help you hone your skills faster than technique classes alone.
  • Serve the community: Performance teams are all about entertaining a crowd that might not be familiar with the performing arts. This is much different from competition teams that perform for judges and competitors from other dance studios.
  • Enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences: How many people can say they performed at a tree lighting ceremony or college basketball halftime show? These are the types of unique experiences you’ll have on a performance dance team.
  • Be a positive role model: Young dancers look up to more experienced performers. Use your position on a performance team to demonstrate confidence and leadership that others want to emulate.
  • Get more comfortable performing on stage: Are you struggling to develop stage presence? Remember, the more dance classes you participate in, the more opportunities you have to perform. This is especially true of performance teams that focus on learning routines for community events.
  • See that hard work pays off: Hearing applause from an enthusiastic crowd makes the hours of dance practice and on-stage rehearsal time well worth the effort! Be sure to invite friends and family to your performances and recitals so they can see how hard you’ve been working.

DAU’s Performance Team will be accepting applications soon for the 2020/21 season. We’ll be holding a parent information meeting this spring—stay tuned for more information! If you have any questions, please call Dance Academy USA at 408-257-3211 or send an email to

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