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Winter break is officially over, and dance classes are back in session. After taking two weeks off and enjoying your share of holiday goodies, you might be struggling with resuming your normal active lifestyle. Follow these tips to ease back into dance after the holiday break.

Start Slowly

Your strength, flexibility, and endurance may have decreased, even after taking only two weeks off from dancing. For this reason, you likely won’t be able to jump right back into the routines you were previously working on.

To prevent straining yourself, start slowly and ease yourself back into it. Make sure you stretch and warm up before each class to prepare your body for the type of workout it hasn’t had in a couple of weeks. Don’t worry—you’ll build up your strength, flexibility, and endurance again before long.

Trust Muscle Memory

The key to mastering dance moves is to build muscle memory. Even though it’s been a few weeks since you ran the choreography, your muscles will quickly remember how to hold certain poses, so try not to over-think it. Trust your body, and it just might surprise you!

Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Dancers

This advice may be easier said than done. It’s natural to compare your progress with others in your dance class, but that isn’t fair to you. Everyone progresses at a different pace, so don’t get down on yourself if some of your friends are at a higher level than you. Don’t rush your progress by trying moves your body isn’t ready for yet.

If you feel like you have fallen behind and can’t get back in the swing of things as fast as you would like, consider scheduling a private lesson. An extra 30 to 60 minutes of one-on-one time with your dance teacher could be just what you need.

Try Something New

That brief break from dancing might make you realize you want to take an additional dance class or two. Perhaps you have always been in ballet, but you want to develop your skills even faster. A supplementary class, such as strength and conditioning or leaps and turns, can improve your coordination and build the muscles needed for dancing. You may even find a new favorite technique by trying something different!

Have Fun

Most important of all, return to dance class with a positive attitude and the expectation that you’ll have a fun time. Don’t get frustrated with yourself as you ease back into your routine, and enjoy the journey along the way.

Dance Academy USA is proud to be the largest dance studio under one roof in the state of California. We serve over 2,000 dancers yearly with top dance training from some of today’s most qualified instructors. Whether you want to dance casually, on a performance team, or with our production company, we have something for you.

Looking to take dance classes for kids in Cupertino, California? Please contact us at 408-257-3211 or send us an email at to learn more!

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