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If you’re looking for a program that benefits your child physically, socially, and in many other ways, consider finding a gymnastics program near San Jose, CA. Here are the top ways gymnastics can improve your child’s body and mind.

  • Increased flexibility: Stretching and conditioning are primary focuses of gymnastics. By lengthening the ligaments and tendons, gymnasts can achieve more advanced positions and further their skills. Being more limber is also important for reducing the risk of injury while practicing and performing.
  • Improved fitness level: Running, jumping, and flipping during gymnastics class raises the heart rate and fully engages the limbs for an excellent workout. There’s also a focus on building upper body, lower body, and core strength during conditioning workouts. All in all, gymnastics training builds and tones muscles to create a beautiful physique.
  • Stronger bones: As a weight-bearing exercise, gymnastics also improves bone health. Strong bones are less likely to become brittle and break as the gymnast gets older.
  • Enhanced motor skills: Learning to do tricks on a balance beam is no easy feat. As gymnasts master this and other talents, their coordination and motor skills improve. This can help make them more graceful and less accident-prone.
  • Personal discipline: Gymnastics encourages self-control in multiple ways. First, all students must follow safety rules, which involve resisting the temptation to fool around on gym apparatuses and learning to take turns. Then, there is the degree of self-discipline required to make your body move in a certain way. This takes physical and mental focus, a skill that can help gymnasts in other aspects of their lives.
  • Social skills: While gymnastics training can be rigorous, it’s also a time to have fun and make friends! Children’s social skills and respectfulness increase as they learn and grow alongside their peers under the instruction of a knowledgeable teacher.
  • Self-confidence: As with all skills, gymnastics programs build through progression. With each new talent mastered, your child will become increasingly confident in their own abilities. This may carry over into school, work, and other endeavors, helping your child to be more successful in every part of their life.
  • Work ethic: The process of practicing something difficult until it becomes second nature can be incredibly gratifying. This teaches children the value of work ethic—that if they want something badly enough, all they need to do is work for it.

If you’re looking for a gymnastics program near San Jose, CA, turn to Dance Academy USA in Cupertino. We are pleased to offer gymnastics and tumbling alongside many other dance styles to provide well-rounded instruction for our students. Gymnastics can benefit dancers by helping them build a foundation of flexibility, strength, and motor skills to succeed in other styles. This could make gymnastics the perfect accompaniment to your child’s other dance classes!

To learn more about our nationally recognized gymnastics program, or to enroll your child, please contact us, at 408-257-3211 or send us an email at


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