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If your children love music and dance, you can make Thanksgiving extra enjoyable for them by incorporating fun activities into the holiday weekend. Here are some ways to keep a group of preschoolers and kindergarteners engaged while dance classes for kids are on hold during Thanksgiving break.

Turkey Says (in the style of Simon Says)

Ask the children to spread out across the room and listen for you to say “turkey says” before they do any dance moves. Then, test your children’s understanding of the terminology they should be learning in dance class. Here are some suggestions:

  • For ballet students: Plie, releve, tendu, and first through fifth positions
  • For jazz students: Chasse, ball change, and kick
  • For hip-hop students: Wiggle your hips and coffee grind
  • For Thanksgiving-themed fun: Hug a friend, gobble like a turkey, and flap your wings

Turkey May I (in the style of Mother May I)

Line up the children in a straight line at one end of the room while you stand at the other end. Give a command to the first child, such as, “Take three hops forward.” If the child follows the instructions without first asking, “Turkey, may I take three hops forward?” then they can’t move and must wait until the next round to try again. The child who makes it all the way across the room first wins the game.

Duck, Duck, Turkey (in the style of Duck, Duck, Goose)

Sit the children down in a circle. Choose someone to be “it” first. Then, play the game just like Duck, Duck, Goose, except tell the kids to say “turkey” instead of “goose.”

What are You Thankful For?

Tell the kids that having a body and the ability to move is something to be grateful for. Take turns telling what action words everyone is thankful for, such as running, jumping, skipping, and giving hugs. Then, have the kids act out each movement.

Turkey Pokey

This turkey-themed version of the classic Hokey Pokey will get your kids up and moving! The song asks dancers to put their wings, drumsticks, stuffing, wattle, tail feathers, and turkey body in and out—and shake them all about—for some good Thanksgiving fun.

Turkey Freeze Dance

This easy-to-follow Turkey Freeze Dance is a great game for kids! It guides them through a series of turkey-related dance moves, such as shaking your tail feathers, strutting, gobbling, and flapping your wings. Your little dancers will love pretending to be turkeys. Be sure they listen carefully so they know when to freeze in place!

Dance Academy USA will be closed for Thanksgiving break from November 27-30, 2019. We offer dance classes for kids and adults of all ages in Cupertino, California. To learn more about the styles we offer, or to enroll at our academy, please contact us at 408-257-3211 or send us an email at


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