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If it were up to you, your life would consist of eating, sleeping and dancing. However, it’s also important to remain focused on completing your education. This means getting your homework done and studying for tests while still leaving time to practice your choreography, sequencing and technique. Use these tips to help you balance dance lessons and academics.

Keep Your Schedule Organized

School and dance are both practically full-time jobs, leaving you with little free time. To help you keep your life in order, make sure you use a planner or organizational app on your phone. As soon as you learn the deadline for a school assignment or an upcoming test date, add it to your schedule. Plug your dance lessons into your calendar as well, especially when you have extra practices leading up to a performance, so you never miss a rehearsal.

Study with Your Dance Friends

Odds are some of your teammates go to the same school you do. You may even have classes together. If so, help each other by studying together between dance lessons. This is a better use of your time than fooling around for an hour, and you may find it easier to study together than to focus on school work all alone.

Put School First When Necessary

If you’re passionate about dancing, you may always consider it your first priority, but when your grades are at stake, you might need to reassess things. For instance, if you have a big test or group presentation coming up, and your dance lessons leave you with no time to prepare, you may need to cut back on how many hours of dance you take per week. It’s not fair to your teammates if your attendance is unpredictable.

Recognize Signs of Burnout

As an avid participant in extracurricular activities, it’s easy to end up with too much on your plate. Balancing school and dance lessons is one thing, but what about family, friends, your job and the other activities you’re involved with? No one can do it all! If you don’t have time for everything, don’t let the stress get the best of you. Do you frequently have anxiety attacks or mental breakdowns? If so, it’s time to cut something out of your schedule.

Consider Online Classes

If your busy dance practice and recital schedule is getting in the way of your traditional school day, consider the possibility of homeschooling or taking online classes. This allows you to learn at flexible times when it fits your schedule. Don’t make this decision lightly. Distance learning may sound more convenient, but it’s not right for everyone. Remember, if you’re not sure about it, opting for part time online and part time in the classroom could be the perfect compromise.

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