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With the end of the school year in sight, you may be anticipating ways to fill your child’s summer vacation. You have numerous options, all with different benefits – physical, mental and social – which might make you feel overwhelmed. Here are seven reasons why you should put summer dance camp on the calendar this summer.

  • Learn new skills quickly: You’ll be amazed at the skills and techniques your child learns in only five days. Dance camps are highly focused with a particular goal in mind, such as learning a new dance to showcase at the end of the week or mastering a style-specific technique. Best of all, what your child learns sticks with them, so they can further their advancement in regular dance classes.
  • Stay physically active: Dancing improves a child’s flexibility, strength, stamina, coordination and Enrolling in summer dance camp encourages healthy habits, whether your child is a regular student at the dance studio or not. Getting up and moving is a much better way to pass the time this summer than watching TV!
  • Beat summer boredom: Most children look forward to summer vacation all year, but boredom can take over within days. Keep your child stimulated with summer dance camps! Lasting three hours per day for five days, dance camp truly reinvigorates a boring week.
  • Improve social skills: In addition to the physical benefits of dance camp, there’s a huge emphasis on the social aspect of dancing and learning with new classmates. Summer camps are a great way for children to meet other dancers and branch out to make new friends at the studio.
  • Improve self-confidence: Many dance classes have a performance aspect at the end of it, giving participants a chance to show their parents what they worked hard on over the past five days. This is a perfect way to build confidence and provide a sense of accomplishment after learning something new.
  • Boost creativity: If your child is imaginative, cultivate that quality with an interdisciplinary dance camp. Young children benefit from camps that incorporate arts and crafts, while older children may appreciate the opportunity to choreograph their own This allows them to delve deeper into who they are as a creative artist.
  • Explore new dance styles: Five days is the perfect length of time for your child to try out a new dance style and see if they enjoy it. It’s a fun week regardless, and if your tap dancer decides they like hip hop, you may choose to sign them up in the fall.

Dance Academy USA is offering several diverse dance camps for summer 2019. From princess- and Barbie-themed camps for our youngest dancers to strength and conditioning, technique, and Master Series camps for our intermediate and advanced dancers. Dates and times vary to fit with your busy summer plans. To sign your child up for a summer dance camp, intensive or workshop, please contact us online or send us an email at

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