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If you’re already a dancer, you may be considering adding acrobatic dance, or acro, to your repertoire. If you’re a new student considering this style, you may be wondering what it has to offer. Learn more about acro dance lessons to find out if they provide the benefits you’re looking for.

What is Acro?

This dance style combines classical ballet techniques with fluid movements and tricks such as cartwheels, aerials, handsprings, backbends and the splits. It is a physically demanding style that requires you to build great strength, control and flexibility.

Accomplished dancers move gracefully from one trick to the next, incorporating dance techniques between each one. This is different from the isolated movements of a gymnastic floor exercise. In true acro dance, the dancing portion comprises more of the performance than the acrobatic moves.

Why Take Acro?

The popularity of acro training for dancers has grown in recent years. This might have you wondering if acro could be a beneficial addition to your dance schedule.

One of the top reasons dancers should consider acrobatic training is the chance to improve dance skills and athletic ability. Your technique in other styles of dance will only advance as you develop core strength, spine flexibility, balance and control from taking acro classes.

Acrobatics also make your routines more interesting. Of course, leaps and turns are worth mastering, but there’s something extra special about adding power tricks to a jazz or lyrical routine. The key is to make sure the stunt complements the dance rather than distracting from it. Your instructor will choreograph beautiful pieces to emphasize all your dance skills.

Is Acro Safe?

Like any dance style, acrobatic training has its risks. Taking a class from a certified instructor mitigates this risk by providing spotters and safety mats and ensuring students only attempt moves appropriate for their age and skill level. The key is to make sure dancers know they should never to try to teach themselves at home, as this is how injuries are most liable to occur.

At Dance Academy USA, we make our dancers’ safety the number one priority. We never encourage dancers who haven’t had formal acro training to throw a power trick into a competitive routine purely for the “wow” factor. We follow careful, age-appropriate progression to ensure a fun class where students can learn new acrobatic skills in a safe, controlled environment.

Sign Up for Acro Dance Lessons

We are proud to offer two new acro dance classes for kids at the introductory and intermediate levels. If your dancer is looking for a way to further their skills in other styles or make their routines more interesting, you’ll find the perfect instruction opportunity at our Cupertino, California dance studio.

For more information about these new offerings, or to sign up your child for acro dance lessons, please contact us online or send us an email at


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