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Some items clearly belong in a dancer’s duffle bag, such as dance shoes, spare tights and a water bottle. Other household items are little less predictable, but still highly useful to dancers. Here are 10 surprising things to bring to your dance lessons.

Dental Floss

We’re not suggesting you floss your teeth before every class – though sucking on a breath mint is never a bad idea. In this case, dental floss is as handy as thread, perfect for when you have pointe shoes to sew!


Sure, dancers may use hairspray for its intended purpose, but it also comes in handy for preventing tights from running, keeping pointe shoe ribbons in place and adding a little extra grip to slippery shoes. Is there anything hairspray can’t do?

Tennis Ball

You probably won’t have the energy to play tennis after a high-energy dance lesson, but that’s not why you should keep a tennis ball in your dance bag. This everyday item is perfect for alleviating pesky foot cramps between classes.

Hand Sanitizer

You can never be too careful during cold and flu season. Pack a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer in your dance bag to help prevent passing germs around.


A tap dancer’s worst nightmare is having a tap plate come loose right before a performance. Prevent this problem from catching you off guard – keep the proper-size screwdriver in your dance bag at all times.

Dryer Sheets

You really work up a sweat at dance lessons. Washing your leotard and tights makes them as good as new, but what about your shoes? Keep them smelling fresh week after week by throwing a dryer sheet into each shoe after class.


Don’t let a blister slow you down – a patch of moleskin is just what you need to protect a raw spot on your foot inside your dance shoe.


From trimming loose threads off a costume to cutting a patch of moleskin into the perfect shape, scissors definitely come in handy. Bring along a small pair of folding scissors so they don’t poke a hole through your bag.

Nail Clippers

Dancers must always keep their toenails short to prevent breaking a nail or puncturing the skin of surrounding toes. Always cut your toenails straight across to avoid an ingrown. Then, bring a pair of nail clippers to your dance lessons in case of emergencies. Dancers should note that nail clippers are mostly helpful in Pointe class and should never be used as a weapon or toy.

Medical Tape

A roll of medical tape in your dance bag may come in handy for many reasons. First, wrapping your foot properly can help with pain from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and ankle sprains. You can also use it to help keep moleskin or Band-Aids in place. The correct style of wrap can even correct bunions.

Before you head to your next dance class, be sure to stock your bag with these 10 surprising things! To learn more about Dance Academy USA, or to register for dance lessons in Cupertino, CA, please contact us at (408) 257-3211 or email us at


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