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Every dancer wants to succeed. Whether you’re a teenage dance student or the parent of a young dancer, remember to make dance class etiquette a top priority so you can have the best experience possible. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while taking ballet classes.

Do arrive on time.

Plan to arrive about five minutes before class starts. This gives you time to put on your dance shoes, tuck personal items away and start stretching. If you bring your young dancer too early, their patience may run out before class even begins. And if you arrive late, you disrupt the class and miss out on important stretching to warm up your muscles.

Don’t wear street shoes on the dance floor.

Not only are street shoes inappropriate for mastering ballet techniques, but they also track in water, dirt and mud that wears out the special dance floor faster. Plus, wearing ballet slippers outside the studio decreases their lifespan. For the best results, follow your teacher’s instructions and adhere to the dress code for your ballet class.

Do find a new spot in the room.

It’s easy to find a place you like at the barre and stick with it, but challenge yourself to dance somewhere new. Sometimes, you can choose to be front and center, but don’t always do this. In some cases, it’s best to take a step back and let someone else lead.

Wherever you choose to stand, make sure you balance the room by not positioning yourself too close or far from the dancer nearest you. Being proactive about your placement saves the teacher from having to make this correction and lets the class get started faster.

Don’t chatter during class.

When the teacher is speaking, open your eyes and ears, and close your lips. Even when a correction is being given to another student, don’t start chatting with your neighbor. It’s rude and potentially wastes valuable class time. Plus, you should learn from the critique the other dancer receives to make sure you’re not guilty of making the same mistake.

Do know when to ask a question.

It’s certainly appropriate to ask questions in ballet class if you need clarification. However, before you speak up, ask yourself: Have I given the teacher enough time to explain the movement? Have I tried to work it out myself? By listening carefully before you raise your hand, and then attempting the move, you may discover you can figure it out without interrupting the class with a question.

Don’t bring a negative attitude to class.

When you come to ballet class, leave your worries at the door and dance your heart out! Strive to bring a positive attitude and attentive manner to class every day – you’ll get more out of your lessons this way.

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