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Does your child love to dance around the house? If so, it could be time to look into dance classes for kids. But which style should you choose? Consider the options available at Dance Academy USA along with tips for making the right selection.


Children who excel in ballet love wearing tutus and twirling around the living room. Ballet music is classical and refined, and dance positions are in French, offering your child a little cultural exposure.

To excel in ballet, dancers must develop their balance, flexibility and stamina. If they stick with it, ballerinas age 12 and up can graduate to pointe, a challenging derivative of ballet that involves training and dancing on your toes.


Tap is a percussive dance style that involves wearing shoes with metal taps on the bottom. Students learn about timing, rhythm and keeping a beat while dancing to lively music.


Jazz is a high-energy dance style inspired by music of the same name. Advanced students perform impressive leaps, quick turns and fast footwork. Jazz encourages improvisation and allows dancers to make each move their own. In this way, jazz dance classes for kids are great for self-expression and discovery.


Lyrical/contemporary is a fusion of classical dance styles. Dancers learn choreography that expresses the deeper meaning and purpose of the music they dance to. The movements performed in lyrical and contemporary dance classes for kids are graceful and flowing, which requires great strength and flexibility. Dancers often perform barefoot or in nude-colored half dance shoes.

NOTE: Lyrical/contemporary dance students must also enroll in ballet classes.


If your child likes hip-hop music, this dance style of the same name could be a perfect fit. Hip-hop is very popular for ages 7 and up, offering a combination of floor work, footwork and intricate gestures. Like lyrical dance, hip-hop tells a story, but in a high-energy, explosive manner.

Once dancers have established a foundation in hip-hop, they can advance to breakdancing. This is the original urban dance style with influences from Latin and African dance, gymnastics, and martial arts. Power moves, freezes, popping and locking make this a challenging and rewarding style to learn. Students ages 10 and up can enroll in breakdancing.

Combination Classes

If you and your young dancer aren’t sure what style is best, try a combo class designed for 6- to 8-year-olds. Choose from tap/jazz or ballet/jazz to suit your preferences.

Even younger dancers ages 2.5 to 3 years old can enroll in creative dance classes for kids. These lessons introduce children to ballet, tap and acrobatics. The main focus is to instill a love of music and dance, enjoy a structured weekly social event, and build a foundation for future advancement in the dancer’s chosen style.

Ready to find the right dance classes for kids in the San Jose, CA area? Enroll today at Dance Academy USA in Cupertino! You can also call us at (408) 257-3211 or email us at with any questions you have.


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