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San Jose State Spartans

Everything You Need to Know about DAU Half-Time Performance at Levi Stadium (Home of the 49ers)

Who can perform?
Anyone age 7 – 18

Do I have to be a student of DAU?
No, as long as you are 7 years of age you can perform

Do I need dance experience?
No, Ms. Jane will be sending a YouTube link via email soon for you to practice at home

Will there be any live rehearsals?
Yes! Saturday, October 6th in the afternoon we will hold one mandatory rehearsal. Location TBD and will be announced ASAP.

What is the fee?
There will be a performance fee of $45 which includes a Limited-Edition shirt and a performer ticket

Do parents need to attend and what is the tickets price?
One parent per dancer and parent tickets will be available for $20

Where will I get tickets?
Tickets will be available and distributed in the DAU office

Where will the performance be?
Levi Stadium

When will the performance be?
During the half-time between the San Jose State Spartans vs Army game on Saturday, October 13th

What time will the game be?
ESPN will be covering the game so game time will most likely be in the evening

Will dancers be sitting with parents?
Dancers will be sitting in the end zone with DAU staff members and teachers.  Parents will be sitting along the 50-yard line for better viewing purposes and can pick up dancers after the performance

Why should we participate?

How do we sign up?
Email Kim (kim@danceacademyusa.comNOW to get on this very special list

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