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Use these tips to get the most out of your dance lessons.

When you enroll in dance classes, you’re investing your time and money to receive instruction from professional dance teachers. Don’t waste your investment! Use these tips to get the most out of your dance lessons.

Don’t Over Think

It’s easy to get caught up in how you look in a leotard or become self-conscious about not catching onto the choreography as quickly as your teammates. However, the dance studio should be where you feel the most relaxed and free, so leave your inhibitions at the door and just go for it!

Drill Combos During Downtime

If you didn’t quite master the step combination your instructor just went over, grab a quick sip during your drink break, and then drill yourself again. Put in a little extra effort, and you’ll have no problems keeping pace with the rest of the class.

Ask Questions

Everyone learns at a different speed. If the instructor keeps moving on before you’re ready, don’t be afraid to ask them to slow down and repeat a move one more time for your sake. An extra 10 to 20 seconds could be all you need.

Practice at Home

Just because the dance lesson is over doesn’t mean you should stop training. Whether it’s mastering a technique or getting a dance sequence engrained in your mind, the single best way to progress faster is to practice on your own time. You’ll come to your next class with confidence, which shows your dance teacher that you take your lessons seriously.

Watch Other Dancers Closely

Sometimes, two dance classes will perform for one another, especially in preparation for an upcoming performance. When it’s the other team’s turn, don’t sit idly by – watch the routine closely and see what you can learn, especially if the class is more advanced than yours. You’d be surprised the inspiration you can gain just by observing other dancers!

Take Notes and Make Recordings

Having trouble with sequencing? Write down the steps in a dance notebook. Can’t quite master a move before the dance lesson ends? Ask your instructor to perform it while you make a recording on your phone. These notes and videos give you the tools you need to make the most of at-home practice.

Ask Your Instructor to Watch You

When you take dance lessons with other students, your teacher’s eye isn’t always on you. If you’re struggling to get a certain step right, ask the instructor to watch you this time. Then, you can ask for tips on how to improve. This is a much better method for progressing than hiding in the back and hoping your instructor doesn’t notice that you haven’t quite grasped a move yet.

Dance Academy USA offers dance lessons for ages 2 to adult in jazz, ballet, pointe, tap, hip hop, ballroom and more! We offer plenty of class times in seven separate studios to accommodate your busy schedule. To learn more, or to register for classes, please contact us at (408) 257-3211 or email us at

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