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If you decide that dance is the right fit for your child, it could be even more beneficial to enroll them in multiple classes.

So, you’ve decided to sign up your child for dance classes. After a few weeks of lessons, you’ll begin to notice improved discipline and self-confidence. You’ll love that your child is building new friendships and expressing creativity in a safe, structured setting. You will certainly detect physical benefits as well, including increased strength and flexibility.

All of these advantages of dance classes are available by taking just one hour of lessons per week. However, if you decide that dance is the right fit for your child, it could be even more beneficial to enroll him or her in multiple classes. Here’s why.

Different Dance Styles Complement One Another

The improved flexibility and fluidity learned in ballet class are highly beneficial for all dance students, even if their primary focus is hip-hop or tap dancing. The benefits flow in the other direction as well, since the percussive nature of tap can help students learn to remain in sync when performing a jazz dance. Overall, taking lessons in multiple dance styles makes your child a well-rounded dancer.

Taking Classes from Different Teachers Improves Skills

Every dance instructor has a specific technique for delivering information to the class. Learning a new dance style from a different teacher may help your child focus on individual elements that another instructor doesn’t emphasize as much. This helps students develop a solid foundation of dance techniques, strength and muscle memory.

More Dance Means Faster Improvement

If your child wants to advance to more difficult techniques, they must make practice a top priority. Taking more classes speeds up your child’s training, so they can progress faster. Spending more time at the dance studio also improves your child’s confidence when the next dance recital rolls around.

Production Company and Performance Teams Improve Technique and Stage Presence

The benefits of taking multiple dance classes are so pronounced that, here at Dance Academy USA, we require our Production Company and Performance Team to take a minimum of two dance classes. Discipline-specific technique classes and choreography training on top of regular rehearsals help our students develop stage presence and perform their very best.

If taking dance is high on your child’s priority list, you may want to try out one class for a year. Then, don’t hesitate to sign up for that second or third class as your child continues to develop a passion for the performing arts.

At Dance Academy USA, we offer classes in many dance styles, including:

New dance classes begin in August, and registration is now open! Learn more about our classes and dance instructors by calling us at (408) 257-3211 or emailing us at

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