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Dear DAU Families:

Recital Weekend is almost upon us! Please read the below information all the way through.

Where is the 2018 recital?
California Theatre
345 S. First Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Click here for parking information.

What is the drop-off and pick-up procedure for the recital?

Drop-off for all DAU dancers

All dancers will enter the California Theater through the Market Street Lobby Exit Door. The spot will be clearly marked with signs and activity. Please be at that spot no later than 45 minutes before show time and allow enough time for parking. Upon reaching the Market Street Lobby Exit Door, dancers will be escorted by a DAU staff member, Teacher Assistant or parent volunteer to their dressing rooms. Do not bring extra clothing, shoes, food, or play items to the theater – and please make sure your dancer is in their costume, ready to go!

Pick-up for Intro to Dance, Creative Dance, and Combo Classes

All dancers will participate in the finale at the end of the show. For parents of Creative Dance, Intro to Dance, Pre Hip Hop and Child Combo classes (ages 3-8): your child will be escorted from the stage directly to the Market Street Stage Right Entrance (inside the building). They will be supervised the entire time until they are safely back in your hands. At the completion of the show, you will exit the theatre through the Market Street Lobby Exit Door; then, walk about 30 yards (towards San Carlos) to the Market Street Stage Right Entrance. Check in with a staff member at the door, and we will make sure your child gets safely to you. Please only send one parent for pick-up. After reuniting with your young dancer, you can meet up with family and friends inside or outside the theatre and take pictures and celebrate your dancer’s accomplishments.

Pick-up for all other age groups and dancers

Please coordinate a meet-up spot with your child INSIDE the California Theatre. Dress rehearsal, while you are on site, is a good time to talk about this with your child. Note: the meet up location should not be the dressing room or outside the walls of the theatre. The best general location is the upstairs or downstairs foyer areas; they are HUGE and there are tons of spots to choose from. We do not recommend that you use the Market Street Lobby as a meeting spot/location, as this area will be heavily congested after the show. After reuniting with your dancer, you can take pictures inside or outside the theatre as you wish and celebrate your dancer’s accomplishments.

Click here for a Drop-Off/Pick-Up Visual Aid.

DAU Staff

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