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How Dancing Makes You Smarter

As graceful and beautiful as dancing is, every dancer out there knows – it’s hard work! And anyone who watches dancers most likely agrees. It’s no secret that dancing is an excellent way to stay physically fit; it is demanding on the body and melts calories.

So dancing can help you lose weight or stay in shape, but did you know that dancing can also make you smarter? Recent studies show that dancing can provide participants with both mental and cognitive benefits.

Dancing Produces Smarter Kids!

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine published a study that reported dance has the possibility of being a powerful way to improve the health of the brain. The study’s research was centralized around the effect dancing has on the brain. Specifically, the research measured the following four factors in relation to dancing:

  • Memory
  • Sense of well-being
  • Serotonin
  • Stress levels

The study stated that while exercise is beneficial for a person’s overall health, there were only a few specific exercises that have the biggest impact on the improvement of cognitive skills. These exercises are swimming, biking and guess what else? Yep, dancing.

Dancing incorporates several brain functions that are stimulating such as music, an emotional sense of well-being, as well as rational thinking. Music naturally stimulates the brain as it is enjoyable and soothing, the emotional sense of well being comes from the enjoyment of the activity itself and rational thinking occurs when you focus on staying coordinated with your dancing partner or with the group. This combination of recreational benefits and creative thinking is what holds clues to health benefits and making one smarter.

But what, scientifically, is the reasoning behind dancing making us smarter? The cerebral cortex and hippocampus elements of the human brain are very elastic and consistently revamp themselves after each use. And, you guessed it, dancing uses these elements of the brain and increases the amount they are revamped. The more these elements are revamped, the better. This keeps them healthy and strong.

It has been shown that the areas of the human brain that are most affected by aging can be engaged, rewired and utilized before they are lost. Dancing stimulates these parts of the brain in such a constructive way that they are positively affected keeping the brain active and ready to learn or retain information.

Each time a person tries something new, like dancing, they are improving their mental capabilities. By keeping the brain active, the brain’s health can be maintained which makes one smarter and less likely to lose memories and information that is stored in their brain.

Dancing is a great way to work out the body and brain. The stimulation provided by dancing can also help the brain process and remember more information. This happens because dancing challenges the brain. All the steps, music and routines exercise the brain. Memorizing new steps engages the brain and improves mental health.

Is there any better news than finding out that your favorite pastime not only helps you physically, but mentally as well? Happy dancing all!

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