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DAUPT Information Meeting March 30 at 7pm. RSVP Today!

This team was designed for the dancer who wants to be part of a dance team, but may stay involved with other extracurricular activities. Performance Team requirements involve less financial and time obligation than that of Production Company. All Performance Team members are required to take a jazz technique class and the Performance Team choreography class. Additionally, they are required to participate in a minimum of 4 performances during the team year and participate in all DAU recital numbers. Financial commitments to expect include monthly tuition for a minimum of two classes, team gear, DAUPT costumes, performance fees (for various venues) and the general costs to be in the DAU recital. The requirements are in place to ensure a strong, committed team ready to represent DAU to the best of their ability at public performance venues.

Do you love to perform? Come be a part of DAUPT and have an experience of a lifetime. No Audition required.


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