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Join us for DAU Performance Team Info Meeting 3/30 at 7pm

Dance is a Performing Art. It is meant to be shared with other people, and as we know, the only way to become great at something is to practice, practice, and practice. With that in mind, in 2012 we created the Performance Team. The Performance Team is a team of dancers traveling the community to perform at venues such as Great America, Santana Row, and Christmas in the Park. This is a great way to be part of a team experience without the rigors of a tryout – or – the financial demands and time requirements of the Competition Team. In our opinion, it’s very important for kids today to be a part of a team and the opportunities to do so are fewer and fewer. It’s quite ridiculous really, a child almost needs to start playing soccer at age 2 to make the high school soccer team. We are happy to provide this opportunity to kids without the unrealistic demands that are typically placed on team experiences. We are really excited about what this team does for kids.

In DAUPT, dancers are exposed to a professional dance experience, in a non-competitive environment. This is the perfect opportunity for that dancer who wants to perform, be part of a DAU team and still be involved in additional extracurricular activities. DAU’s goal is to provide several dance outlets to support all types of creativity. This is also the perfect opportunity for those dancers who want additional performing opportunities or who want to perform outside of the competition environment. The DAUPT contract and application submission are due every spring season.

If this is something your dancer is interested in – please contact the office by calling 408-257-3211 or click here to send an email.

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