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DAUPC Starlight Competition This Sunday

Come see DAUPC in Action! Sunday, February 12 9:24am to 5:11pm!

If you are considering trying out for DAU’s Competition Dance Team March 11th and 12th, please come watch the DAUPC in action and cheer us on!  Admission is free to all.

DAU’s National Award Winning Production Company will be competing this Sunday, February 12th from 9:24am to 5:11pm.

Spotlight Competition
Center for the Performing Arts
255 S. Almaden Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95113



Doors open at 8 am

9:24 am           Steppin’…Baby/Rookie Tap

9:35 am           Just Girlz/Mini Jazz

9:39 am           Slash Dot Com/Pet Jr Tap

9:57 am           Girls…Fun/Rookie Jazz

10:02 am         Party Time/Mini Tap

10:06 am         River Deep/Pixie Jazz

10:26 am         Play That Sax/Prod Tap

10:44 am         Sort Of/Pixie Lyrical

12:57 pm        Controlla/PCHH

1:01 pm           Islands/Cont Small Team
1:12 pm           Vogue/Pet Jr Small Jazz

1:19 pm           Black Magic/Teen Sm Jazz

1:27 pm           Dive Into..Pool/Spec Jazz

1:44 pm           Salvation/Pet Jr Contemp

1:48 pm           Cyclone/Teen Jazz

1:56 pm           Bang Bang/Teen Prod Jazz

2:01 pm           Keep…Better/Pet Jr Jazz

2:10 pm           End of Time/Super Teen Jazz

2:18 pm           Floating/Teen Lyrical

2:22 pm           Charmed Life/Prod Contemp

2:36 pm           Resolution/Super Teen Cont

2:49 pm           Stormy Weather/Jr Prod Jazz

2:54 pm           Geraldine’s Routine/TnSr Tap

3:08 pm           Want U/SupTn Small Jazz

3:29 pm           Feeling Good/Senior Jazz

3:49 pm           Come Together/Sm Spec Jazz

4:09 pm           Beast Mode/Hip Hop Crew

4:33 pm           Before You/Cont Team

4:52 pm           Lay Me Down/Cont Team

5:11 pm           No Turning Back/Sr Contemp

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