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Recital Costume Information

We know it may seem early, but it is that time to start thinking about Recital! Rehearsals will be held on Friday, June 9th and Recitals will be held on Saturday, June 10th & Sunday, June 11th at the beautiful California Theatre in Downtown San Jose.

Recital costume timeline:

  • All students will be measured during their class times by October 29th. Please make sure your child attends all October classes.
  • Between November 1st and November 15th you will receive an email with a picture of your child’s costume, the price of the costume, and accessories needed.
  • Dance Academy USA will be taking care of all measurements and ordering of costumes.
  • By November 15th you will notice a costume balance charged to your account.

If you change a class after costumes have been ordered, you will be responsible for ordering an additional costume. We expect all students to participate in Recital.

Additional details:

  • Costumes will range from $65 to $110.
  • Later you will be receiving an email regarding shoes and tights. Please pay attention to your emails.
  • Adult classes to be determined by the teacher after discussion with students.
  • Leaps & Turns and any other Technique classes will not be participating in recital.
  • Hip Hop classes will be wearing a colored shirt determined by the Hip Hop teacher and will not need to order a shirt/costume.

More information to come. Stay Tuned!


DAU Office Team

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