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Happy Halloween 2016

Click to view Monday Halloween Class Schedule and other information

Happy Halloween 2016!

Traditionally very few dancers take their dance classes on Halloween day; there are a variety of school, church, and neighborhood activities they attend. So on Monday, October 31, classes will be held at 3:30 and at 4:30. The studio and office will close at 5:30 pm. Those dancers with classes on Monday are invited to wear their costumes to class (as long as they can safely dance in them and please, no masks for safety reasons) and take their class. We will have a costume parade each hour and there will be Trick or Treating at the office. Those students who take later classes are welcome to come to the class of their choice; these classes are for Monday DAU registered students ONLY.

Below is the schedule. Note that two Production Company classes (the classes in BOLD) are holding mandatory class that day. Those classes are not open to any other dancers.


Also, from October 24 through October 31 please feel free to come to dance classes dressed in your Halloween costumes. Just please be sure that the costume is appropriate and that the child is able to safely dance in it.

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