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Dance Changes Everything


Dear DAU Parents:

We would like the entire studio registered for next year (the 2016-2017 dance season) by the end of April. There’s some logical thinking behind that…

Launching a new dance-season is a massive project!  Believe it or not, a group of WAY over 60 people have been involved in some capacity over the last three months; and, more work is still to come in helping hundreds and hundreds of parents find that perfect schedule for their dancer(s).  WE LOVE IT.  That’s what we do.

So first, we want to get the 16-17 season registered, and then second, we would like to redirect our resources/staff to making Recital 2016 the best ever.  We would like to get the first done first—and then move-on to the second item.  Makes sense?  So, please help us by signing-up by the end of the month, and preferably next week.  And we honestly believe that filling the 16-17 season in April is a win for parents, students, staff and DAU as a community-business.

As a thank you for helping us: we will be offering 50% off the yearly registration fee through the end of April.

Thank you and have a great evening,
Dance Academy USA Staff
Friendly reminder: classes are filled on a first come first serve basis.

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