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Ms. Lolly, Tap Director

Dear Dance Academy USA Parents:

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Lolly will be leading the DAU Tap program as Dance Academy USA’s new, Tap Director.

By day, Lolly is a digital and electrical engineer at a research and development company, and by night (some nights), we are SO lucky to have her at DAU!  Her positive-energy and enthusiasm is infectious – and she is one of those type of people that always has a smile on her face.  And!  She is a great, great, GREAT role model for Dance Academy USA students.

Lolly is so modest that we literally have to pry information from her, but her dance resume is phenomenal.  Here are a couple high-points: performed for the professional dancers society honoring Gregory Hines, Dick Van Dyke and other LA artists; performed at numerous charitable and professional events in Los Angeles; and a member of the Claremont colleges, On Tap.  Click here, to see her expanded dance resume.

After completing her degree in electrical engineering, she completed a second degree in Human Anatomy/Bio Mechanics; and specific to DAU students, that second degree centered around the impact of dance on the human body using Laban Movement Analysis.  Yes, she is smart – really smart.

This is the first time in 26 years that we have installed a Tap Director and have wanted to do so for many years, but needed the perfect fit.  And Lolly is just that!  This will be a win for students, parents, teachers and DAU as a business.

If you happen to be around the studio and see Ms. Lolly, please congratulate her on her exciting new role.

Congrats to Ms. Lolly!


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