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Your toddler needs dance!

10 Reasons Why Toddlers Should Take Dance Classes

Is your little one a mover and a shaker? The kind of girl who can’t sit still or keep her hands to herself? Why not direct some of that energy towards a more productive (and less potentially destructive) end –toddler dance class!

It can also help toddlers who are having trouble getting out of their shells on their own. Sometimes all it takes is some good music to get you going.

There are so many benefits to enrolling in toddler dance classes. Here are just a few more:

1. Your little dancer is practicing key motor skills. As early as 18 months, your toddler can start learning choreography that utilizes her entire body. And she’s getting comfortable with her own body and physical abilities in an environment that’s supportive.

2. Dance can occupy her at home. Need a little down time? Turn on some music, and ask your toddler to run through her routine at home while you prepare dinner or fold the laundry. She’s getting physical activity while you’re getting things done – a much better option than plopping her down in front of the TV.

3. She’s learning math, listening skills, and concentration. Huh? Yeah, you read that right. Dance requires focus on the part of your little one. Over time, you’ll notice your little one’s ability to follow instructions and listen to her instructor improve. So where does math fit in? Simple: your instructor will ask the girls to jump one, two, three times. Or maybe she’ll do three claps followed by one hop. She’s practicing her numbers without realizing it.

4. You’re encouraging her independence. Without having to be too far away. The first day of preschool or kindergarten can be hard on both mom and toddler, and dance classes for older toddlers help prepare you both for that separation. You’ll be able to watch (and ooh and aww at her) through the window, and she’ll know you’re close by but be distracted by all the fun she’s having.

5. You’re both socializing. She’s around other kids her age, and you’re around moms going through a similar stage as you. It’s a great place for you both to make friends, so it’s a win-win.

6. She’s part of a community. In a similar vein, she’s participating as part of a group – these are “her people,” which can help her develop a sense of belonging.

7. Dance can help kids cope. As they learn to dance, the girls are also developing positive self-esteem and exploring creativity and self-expression. Dance is something kids can turn to during any difficult time, and is also particularly beneficial for kids who are physically or mentally impaired or suffer from learning disabilities to develop self-confidence.

8. You’re connecting her with a fun exercise option for later in life. Let’s face it: many forms of exercise – jogging, lifting weights – can be just plain boring. But dance gets your body moving and muscles engaged while also being enjoyable. It’s something she may continue to participate in for her entire life or come back to as an adult.

9. That cute tutu is a good bargaining tool. You may be surprised by how attached your little one becomes to her dancewear, whether it’s her tutu or her dance shoes, and you can use it as a motivation for everything from getting her to finish her vegetables to behaving at grandma’s.

10. Dancing tots are the cutest thing. It’s not just your son/daughter who will be enamored with how she looks in those dancing clothes or prancing around. You’ll find no shortage of memories and photo ops!

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