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Jazz Director, Ms. Terronique Brown

Welcome Back DAU Families!

As you get back into the groove of things after the long break, I wanted to give you a couple of tips to help your child start 2016 off right! Whether it’s school or dance, encouraging your child to tackle new challenges with a positive, can-do attitude will help your child to thrive in any environment. At DAU, we want our students to:

1. Truly believe that they CAN do it -whatever it is! They always have the ability to improve. Learning is a process, and each step along the way should be recognized and celebrated. When you say, “I CAN do it! I WILL do it!”, you make it reality!

2. Go for the challenge. It is important to work on hard things. While it may be more comfortable to focus on what is easy, improvement only come from pushing ourselves to the next level. Look for and practice moves and concepts that challenge you. Nobody expects you to be perfect the first time, we just want to you try. You WILL get there!

I hope these tips are helpful! Let’s make 2016 the best dance year yet!

Ms. Terronique

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