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Jessalyn Espiritu

Dear Dance Academy USA:

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Jessalyn will be leading the DAU Hip-Hop program as Dance Academy USA’s new Hip-Hop Director.

Many reading this may be surprised to learn that Hip-Hop is the number #2 most popular program at DAU. Hip Hop could be compared to football for boys, whereas football is one of the last remaining sports that a youngster can start even in high school and be successful. Hip Hop is the same. With no prior dance experience and a good teacher: a 14, 15, 16 or even 17 year old boy/girl can step into a Hip-Hop class and feel comfortable and successful within weeks. We want to expand and strengthen this program because it offers so many amazing opportunities for kids to dance for the very first time.

The world of Hip-Hop is a vast universe relevant to scope and style. It’s athletic and rhythmic – and builds power, strength, speed and stamina – all to the beat of the music. Please see the included schedule if you would like to sign up for a Hip Hop class in January,

There are very few opportunities for dance teachers to do what they love full time, Jessalyn is fortunate to be one of those few as a fulltime faculty member at Harker school where she teachers Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop and other dance styles. She’s a phenomenal talent that can cross-over to many styles and genres of dance.

We can assure you that Jessalyn is excited to be leading this program, and, we’re excited because she’s excited! She is a natural leader, good communicator, energetic, enthusiast and we know that DAU Hip-Hop students will be the benefactor of all those great qualities.

Congratulations to Ms. Jessalyn!

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