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Dance Classes Help Kids Learn

Read on to understand how

Dance Classes Help Kids Learn – Read On to Understand How. 
Does Dancing Help Brain Development?
In a word, yes! Dancing actually makes the brain open up new neural pathways. Your child’s brain is constantly developing and trying to absorb new information. All of that mental stimulation causes their brains to “rewire” themselves, building new neural pathways so they can better process information. Even in adults, the brain is very elastic and able to form new connections for storing and accessing information. But the brain only forms new pathways when it needs to, so something has to stimulate the brain to cause it to rewire itself.
That’s where dance lessons come in. While other physical activities do offer health benefits, dancing is the only exercise that’s been shown to dramatically improve overall cognitive functioning and building of new neural pathways. There’s something about memorizing steps in the proper sequence and timing physical movements to the rhythm of music that causes the brain to rewire itself and work more effectively. The resulting boost in memory and reasoning skills can help your child in many aspects, especially with improving their learning skills.
Why is it so Important to Build New Neural Pathways? 
It’s very much like trying to cross a river by using stepping stones: the more possible routes there are to get across the river, the less time it takes to reach your destination.
Intellectual stimulation adds more potential routes- stepping stones for your memory- to arrive at conclusions and access memory quickly and efficiently. Remembering information and learning new information is a much faster and smoother process when your brain has more neural pathways to get you there.
How do Dance Steps Help Develop Learning Skills?
There are also several aspects in which dance lessons have a direct impact on helping your child learn. First of all, as learning the dance routines teaches them to move from one step into the next, dance lessons directly teach your child sequential learning. You child will also learn the ability to recognize patterns, spatial recognition, and decision skills that are all needed to successfully perform a dance routine. Your child practices their rational thinking every time they practice, while learning how to calculate and plan their thinking ahead to perform the next dance step.
Better Learning with Creativity
Creative thinking is an important skill for your child to develop, and dance lessons are a fantastic way to help them do so. The mental flexibility developed with dance will help your child expand their imagination and creativity, and can help them learn three-dimensional thinking skills. Creative thinking gives your child the ability to imagine and process more possibilities, which helps them develop improved problem-solving skills. Dance lessons are also a wonderful way to introduce your child to the performing arts and help them develop an appreciation for music.
How can Dance Lessons Improve Concentration and Aid Learning?
The emotional and social functioning aspects of dance also help your child experience better learning. Dancing has been shown to increase serotonin levels, which helps give a feeling of well-being and decreases stress that might otherwise prevent your child from being able to give 100% of their attention. Taking dance lessons with us at Dance Academy USA will help your child learn self-discipline to continue working on challenges, introduce them to the concept of new ideas, develop listening skills, and also give your child the confidence and sense of accomplishment needed to succeed. The social aspect of dancing can have an enormous effect with helping your child develop an ability to work well with others to come up with solutions to problems, and work together to accomplish plans.

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