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Dance Academy USA Launches New Mobile User-Friendly Website


Cupertino, CA – Dance Academy USA launched a brand new mobile user-friendly website on November 17. The new mobile site will allow users to view the website with ease while on a mobile device as well as on a computer. This great website upgrade also includes the ability for parents to find information easier within the website. Parents that want to see Dance Academy USA’s classes can type, or if they would like to learn more about their child’s dance teacher, they can type [inserting the specific teacher’s first and last name after the main web address]. Not only is the change great for viewing on a mobile device, the new website is very easy to read, navigate and runs much faster than before.

Dance Academy USA’s new website has been well received by parents, students and staff. A parent was quoted saying, “I can easily find information about my child’s teacher, register for a new class, and read Dance Academy USA’s blog right from my smartphone with ease! I love the new website.”

The new website is already up and running, and can be viewed by going to


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