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Save time with our Online Store!

We have partnered up with Curtain Call for an online class program to assist you in purchasing items for some of our most popular dress code items.  As of Friday, September 25th we will have available in our office shoe sizing sets for ballet and tap shoes for our Creative Dance and Intro to Dance classes and tan jazz shoes for our Jazz classes of all ages.  There are also tights online as well, this will come in handy when we get closer to recital time.

It is very easy to use and all items will be sent directly to your home once you have determined the size you will need.

Please click here to log into your account under Parents/Students and enter Dance Academy USA, Cupertino, CA and the studio passphrase: ilovedau1 to enter the site.  From there select from the drop down menu for your dress code items.  We still will continue to sell the lavender and pink leotards in our DAU office for your convenience.

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