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Featured Dance Teacher

*Featured New Teachers*
We have some amazing new teachers with us this year.  We would love for you to get to know them. This is just a couple of them. Stay tuned for more!
Gabby Romero 

Gabby Romero

Gabrielle started dancing at the age of three. She began dancing competitively at the age of seven and traveled around California competing in styles of Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Ballet. At the age of 12 Gabrielle traveled to NYC to perform in the professional tap show, Tappy Holidays. Gabrielle belonged to a pre professional company in Folsom, CA called iMPACT where she was exposed to the professional and disciplined side of contemporary dance. Gabrielle is now studying for her BFA in Dance at SJSU. Alongside attending school and traveling around the Bay Area teaching choreography, Gabrielle also is a professional dancer for a sports team in the Santa Clara region. With knowledge and experience in every style of dance Gabrielle enjoys hip-hop, contemporary/lyrical and jazz the most.
Frankie Mendoza

Frankie Mendoza

A Southern California native, Frankie Mendoza was born in the small town of Brawley. In 2010, he was accepted into San José State University where he began his dance training at the age of eighteen. Later that year, he joined an adult competition team in the Bay Area called Hungrybumz. Under the direction of Randy Van Le, he’s performed with Hungrybumz in local and international competitions such as Prelude Norcal, Battlefest 360, and World of Dance: Bay Area. During his years at SJSU, he studied under artists and educators such as Fred Mathews, Gary Masters, Heather Cooper, Jill Yager, Keith Pinto, and Randy Van Le.  Mendoza will graduate this fall from the Dance Program with a Bachelor of Arts. Currently serving on faculty at Dance Academy USA, Mendoza continues teaching his philosophy of dance as the art of expression through movement with an emphasis on the individual progression of his students. He strives to educate the dance community to discover the uniqueness within the creativity of movement.

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